Hey guys, here’s my current wip, just trying to model something with beautiful architecture. Most of my time (so far) has gone into texturing. I’ll have to post a texture shot, because each brick is individually painted, and (hopefully) passes as granite.

Current WIP:

Original image:

I’ll start on one of the spires tonight, and hopefully google search an image that actually shows the base. Hmmmm.

Mkay, thanks.


Hey Brian, nice to see you on here!
So. Pretty good so far… but you should check your refs for the parapet around the roof. The little minitower things have domes… and the crenellations are different than you have them; tough to see in your ref. How accurate do you want to be? Because you’re missing the baptistry on the north side… Otherwise, the proportions look good and the material looks decent, although it probably could do with a bit of dirt and shadow between the stones. What are you using to model this? Any plans for the surrounding area?


Hey Charlton,

Yeah, right now I’m going for about 85% accuracy. There’s no real point to this model other than sticking it in my reel and lookin’ purty.
There is dirt and discoloration, but the occlusion pass (right now at about 22 percent) just totally cooks any color difference. It looks almost desaturated right now, but has hints of blue and green.
I have most of your critiques in mind, and plan to add them in the next few days. The baptestry comes soon, being that the mirrored end is just there to give it dimension, rather than having just one wall.
Too bad I can’t find any blueprints. I keep googling ref images, so yes I have actual references other than that little midget thumbnail.
Here’s my major ref image, a little skewed, huh?:

I don’t exactly know how I’m going to incorporate this into an original image. Maybe “Elders in the Year 3000”. Having robots with dorky little nametags roaming around commiting other robots to baptism. Imagine that on a cover of the Ensign.


OK, Well I got home relatively late from work today, and couldn’t get around to starting on the spires, so I figured I could do something easy, quick, and which wouldn’t be so huge in the final model, so here’s Moroni. Pretty low-poly, I’m intentionally trying to avoid adding detail since he’s going to be very, very tiny in the final mesh.

Sure, he looks a little Drew Carey-ish in the facial region, but it’s supposed to be low-poly.


Man! That statue is funny looking… but it is going to be pretty small. So, try looking at it at the size you’ll render it. I’d also suggest dropping the hem of his cape to his feet, you know, to avoid the frat-boy-sweater look… Otherwise, looking good.


Yeah, I know, the first render was leaps and bounds above this one, but I just wanted to give an update on the modeling process. I modeled one tower, and put 2,3, and 4 there for perspective. No texturing yet, no time, but that’ll be for tomorrow. Again, sorry for the crappy render, I lit the thing in like two minutes.

Here’s a really nice reference image:


Hey all, me again.
I finally got around to bump mapping the tower. There’s a problem with the UVs on the top windows, I’ll remap those, but still, I’m happy with the render. Now I’ll just have to even out the bump values throughout. Right now it appears too much like Brick.

No, not THAT Brick. :smiley: I’ll reduce the bump next to make it appear like granite. Still I really love Bricks. I love lamp.


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