WIP Skyship


This is one of the projects I’m working on, it was the first Mini-Challenge, I found them, and even if they are over I think its good exercise and my own personal challenge to try to do them all, or at least some of them, so I’m working on them starting from the first one =).

I would like some critics, what can be improved, etc.

Thanks =)


It’s a great idea to use the briefs in order to build your own portfolio and good to see that artists are actually making use of us leaving the previous themes online.

As for your WIP
I think you should balance the perspective a bit. currently your ship is pointing down at a steep angle because your ground is not falling off to the vanishing point correctly. Try to make it more harmonious for it to read better.


Hi Milan,

Thanks very much for the critic and advice. I’ve been working on it a little more, fixing the Horizon as you suggested, and also brought everything into Nuke and gave it a little life.