[WIP] Sector 4 - Etsu entry


Hi. I’m Etsu and this is my first entry for the Challenge, a tentative cover for my 2 minutes game, Sector 4, a first-person experience about military contractors, secret technology and what too much caffeine can make to the human brain.


Introducing: The Flashlight.

Since its founding in 1947, Delta Manufacturers has not rested in its constant search to improve the lives of its customers. Because a home is not a home without light, we invent the domestic electric generator Pibol Twelve in 1951, allowing thousands of families to self-illuminate their way in their quest for independence. But because we know that an adventurer like you can’t be always at home, we decide that such a thing was no enough, so we create… the flashlight! Comfortable, ergonomic and portable, this little device has changed the lives of millions of people worldwide, bringing light to the farthest corners of the earth.

Now we are proud to present our brand new model Harvey Twenty One, which was subjected to every quality test imaginable. Broken, burned and crushed, Harvey never stopped delivering its small light of hope, to the extent we decided that all models of the line would be delivered in such conditions: broken, burned and crushed.

Harvey Twenty One, a small point of light in a very dark world, by Delta Manufacturers. Because we don’t make what people need. People need what we make.

Disclaimer: All DM products were tried and tested almost without incidents.
The company assumes no responsibility for deaths, loss of limbs, sight or other senses
damage due to the proper or improper use of their products.


…the company sends out the flashlights damaged, hehe, thats too good :smiley:
I like your concepts so far, can’t wait to see more!

  • Bergquist


Thank you very much. I was beginning to worry that my idea was too stupid. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here we have another advertising:

Introducing: The Anti-Gravity Device.

They told us it could not be done. Losers. Here, in Delta Manufacturers, we don’t take no for an answer, so we decide to give you: the Anti-Gravity Device, or gGrab®, as we like to call it.

An almost portable, almost finished machine, capable of suspending all kinds of objects in the air for no apparent reason. Yes. It’s almost useless, but we think it’s awesome, so we built it. Don’t blame us. We are engineers.

Over sixty years of research to build something that does nothing, exept suspend things in the air. Something you could do with your own hand. Yes. Engineers.

The Anti-Gravity Device, by Delta Manufacturers. So you can suspend things in the air … just because.

Here’s a picture of the device in operation, holding a flashlight in its antigravity field.
The photographer, who had been ordered not to carry a camera to the test site,
is dead now, but you got the picture.

Disclaimer: Do not use this in conjunction with the Grab Glove[Size=1]®,
also by Delta Manufacturers. Unless you want to lose your hand.[/Size]


Introducing: The Grab-Glove.

We can’t tell you what it does, because it’s Top Secret.

Disclaimer: The prototype in the photo is just for show,
and the final product may differ from the one shown here.


Status of the project.

There is little time to finish our game. I spent the first two months of the project learning how to use Unity and FPSControl, and try to refine my methods of sculpting in ZBrush. I started using ZBrush about a month before that, so I had much to learn. (I was learning to use UDK and Maya at the moment, no real experience with Unity and little with ZB).

Besides that, I changed my mind about the nature of the game, story, characters, gameplay, I’d say at least once a week, which made ​​things evolved very slowly. :stuck_out_tongue:

But a month is just too little to make a game, even a two minutes game. :wip:

The date is approaching and I have left no choice but to cut out stuff constantly. (For example, surely the idea of ​​an opening cut-scene will have to be removed.) Due to other technical issues (such as the inability to record sound now) I have been unable to include voices in the game, a feature that I consider mandatory.

But I have hope that when the time comes I will have a playable demo to show you at least the basics of the project. If not, at least I learned a lot during this period, and that will greatly benefit my future projects to come. (Definitely this will not be my last game. Much remains to be done in the future.)

In my next post I’m going to show you how I made the flashlight, from the original two million polys thing (equivalent to four million tris) to the in game 1390 triangles mesh.


One of the things that has cost me more work is learning how to create textures. I don’t really like the process, honestly. In the case of the Flashlight and the Anti-Gravity device, I sculpted both in ZBrush and then I made a low poly versions (1390 and 4676 tris respectively) with Decimation Master. (The switch, in the case of the Flashlight, had to be done by hand.)

Then I used xNormal to bake the textures from the polypaint and the normals from the High poly model. (About three millions polys.) Thanks to the normals, now I have those little and not so little scratches and cracks on the surfice of the low poly device.

After that, I made a very low poly version of the thing (62 tris) to use as a collider, only a cylinder, so the flashlight could now roll on the ground properly.


To make the real light, I attached a Spot Light to the mesh with a spot angle of 30 and a range of 10, with no flare. Then I added a Point light, also with no flare no halo, so now the flashlight really looks like a real one.

On top of that, I attached a script to the flashlight so you can turn on and off the actual light if you click on it. (Don’t do this with a weapon in your hand, of course. xD) And that’s it.

Now I’m working in new ways to make textures with noise in ZBrush and Photoshop plugins, so now everything is starting to look better than before, when I was planning to make everything just white, black and gray. :slight_smile:

And finally I have sound again, so I can now start creating dialogs! :beer:


I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish the game or not, but I’ll keep trying.

Now I’m testing some lights and effects. Almost all the geometry was made inside Unity. Just the curvature of the pipe was made in Maya. Textures are from Nobiax.


Here are some more captures of my unfinished setting. This, creating basic geometry directly inside Unity, is proving to be very fun.

Some of the textures are from Allegorithmic.


Wow Etsu,
That is lookin nice! I like the black outline on everything too, it really adds a cool effect!


  • Bergquist


Thanks, bro.

And now we have more time to finish our games, so I want to see those dogs, hahaha! :wink:


Meet NORMAN-BOT, first generation anti-gravitational artificial intelligence.

Sometimes the reversed field has its faults and Norman suffers from some… blue flatulences, such as the evidence shows us in the second picture, where we can see him beside the gravity-ball.


New screens:

Now I’m using some of the FPS+Control props: some boxes and the bookcase.

Time to create some gameplay. :wip:


Oh yeah! definitely coming along! :smiley:

Make sure to do a web build and test to make sure your particles aren’t too much. I ended up having to cut my only 2 particle “streams” from 20 particles each down to just 5 to get my game to run… that and kill my 4096 textures hehehe

Oh, and I’m still working hard so I’ll have time in the end to add some puppies just for you Etsu! :stuck_out_tongue:


  • Bergquist


Very good advice, indeed. My poor computer can barely handle anything beyond the calculator, so trying the game in the Web Player often becomes almost imperative.

Great news! :buttrock:


A last shot of my previous scene:

I’m not happy with the floor. Even if I’m looking for a more “cartoonish” approach for the look of the game, I think some more dirt on the ground could come in handy to improve the “feeling” of the place. But I’m afraid I have no time to learn how to do that, so we’ll see what happens.

These past days I have been prototyping a new and much more simpler scene and creating my first gameplay elements. Here are a few shots:

Adding some light to the same scene:

Unfortunately, I can not work a lot on the project over the weekends so I will not be able to make much progress until Monday. See you then!


Even if still it’s a prototype, I’m working to make things look better.


I’m trying to create my interactive dialog system with PlayMaker, but it’s a little hard. At the moment, I have more than a hundred sound files just for the first scene. It’s insane. :slight_smile:

I suppose I’m going to cut the rest of the dialogs scenes just for time sake. I hope to finish this Monday, but I’m probably being too optimistic. We’ll see.

A better ceiling.

My flashlights factory. (?)

And a brand new bot, Sixteen.


This would be my main screen:

Even if the challenge is over, I will surely keep working on this game a bit more and see what comes up.

Greetings to all competitors and good luck. :wavey:


Post challenge update.

I have changed some of the camera effects and some other things. Starting to like how it looks. Almost entirely made ​​with primitives inside Unity. Can be noticed in the very low resolution of all the elements.

An old scene with the new camera effects:

Perhaps it makes no sense to continue posting improvements when competition is over, but as I have not announced this game anywhere else, exept on Facebook, it seems appropriate. I hope it’s fine with you.