WIP:SciFi Spaceship...n0Ob ;-)


hey guys
i´ve made a little spaceship…it´s one of my first models i´ve ever made!
i hope you like it! :smiley:



Not bad for a first model, I think. Try to add more details to it.

P.S. Don`t create two equal threads in future.


Sorry for making two equal posts…:shrug:
Thanks…but i dont know which details i should add? Maybe someone of you has a good idea!!? :smiley:



Nice model so far. I think the landing legs should be bigger to support a ship of that size. And with the texture you have on the model it’s hard to comment on the modeling, perhaps post a wire with it next.


Oh yes…i forgot the wire
here is it:

hmm…i dont know which details i should add…maybe someone of you has an idea???:smiley:
sorry for posting two times the same…i dont wanted to do it!:shrug:



Oh…here´s the wire:

what details should i add? i dont have an idea…maybe someone of you???:smiley:



you could add some access panels, hand holds, weapon ports, look at work or objects you like to get some more inspiration.


Why is my post of the wire two times there??? Whats goin on here?:scream:
But thx for the idea…i´ll try it!!:slight_smile:


Exceptional for your first spaceship. I would suggest rounding off the top of the spaceship, giving it a domed top, because it looks very flat right now.


You can add an antennas and other communication devices.

In general, maybe you shouldn`t spend your time with this project in trying to improve it. Maybe it will be better to start new one - new model always better than old (experience deals).


nice. i like it. the modeling is very clean. add more details :slight_smile:


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