[WIP] Rainy Street


Hi folks, :wavey:
this is my latest work, I called it Rainy Street, and as the name says, its gonna be a render of rainy street shortly after a raining. I decided to create architecture typical for the old quarters of my birth town Bratislava, though the created street will be purely fictional.

Thing is Im trying to achieve realistic good looking render and during my work I got stucked little bit on road and sidewalk shader to make it look wet, so I spent few hours with tweaking and this is what i got so far, I would like to ask if you guys consider it good:
(I placed red proxy objects on places where are already finished buildings but I replaced them for now with cubes with highly saturated red color to see its impact on reflections and lower the render time)

Lighting is achieved by HDRI skydome and rectangular light. I decided to make this personal work as my first Vray scene to learn the basics like VrayMtl attributes, VrayBlendMtl, linear workflow, lighting etc…

thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


okay, since there is no reply after all, I had to ask few more people and I lowered the reflectivity little bit. Ive come to final image and here it is, C&C welcome

Im not sure with the person scale, maybe he is too big, idk…


Hey man,

Not bad for just a few days of work! Are you still trying to make the street look wet? I’m not sure that sky really communicates that it just rained.

It may also help to add some angular falloff on your raytraced reflections. You might see a setting on your shader with something along the lines of “fresnel effect” or “incidence”. The reflections on your street look to even. I would think that It should appear to get more reflective further down, as the angle with the camera gets sharper. Some dirt and debris in between the cobbles on your street could help smooth out those sharp gaps between the stones. Maybe a few potholes and missing stones could break things up a little as well.


Hi, thanks for reply :slight_smile:
yes, Im still trying to make it look wet, you was right about the sky, maybe it doesnt fit to the atmosphere. Its a sky from HDRI map, so maybe I will just replace it in photoshop… or maybe change the whole hdri map to get a correct GI ?

Im not sure what you mean by “angular falloff”, as I said Im new to this :confused: but probably it has something to do with my fresnel IOR which is set up to value about 7 or 8 … Im not sure if its correct value… Ive found sometimes in the tutorials term like “fallof map/texture” but I clearly dont understand what it does (I used diffuse, bump/displacement, reflection and glossiness and those I understand)
Yes, removing some stones wouldnt be such bad idea, its just a matter of displacement…


Nice. Just a point, the stone on the pavement look massive. I think you could scale down the pavement quite a bit.


thanks :slight_smile:

you mean that the white stonish edge of sidewalk is little bit too high?


To high & too big


The scale of the pavement and white stone borders looks fine to me. It’s similar to what we have here in Holland in some of the older towns. I do think that the gaps between the stones could use some filler, sand/grit. They tend to fill up with that stuff after a while as well as the sand gets added in when they get placed.


To get good reflections on the pavement first of all you’ll need something that it’s going to reflect. With this angle it’s going to reflect mostly a yellow building at the end of the street which is not bright enough. What I would suggest is to move that building away and place there some good sky texture with bright clouds (some HDRI) or even your light source.
And of course, as shadow92 suggests, check your fresnell reflections option to be on. This will give you some nice realistic highlights.
Hope this helps.


thanks a lot guys for help, I will play a little bit with that today. :slight_smile:

You are right, good point, thanks :slight_smile:

if i would move that building away and replaced with sky that would appear like some cliff and not the main street

My fresnel option IS on, I wasnt just sure with the value, now its like 7 or 8… I will have to play a little bit with that…

Again, thanks guys for comments, I will take a look at it probably today and post a result here.


So, this is what I came up with.

Note this is raw render without photoshop adjustment etc (I will maybe replace the sky in PS with something better), so there are no peoples or smoke etc…

@sand/grit between stones: I added it but Im afraid due the small area between stones its not much visible. :shrug:

@road highlights: I played with fresnel IOR and icreased it to 9 and added slightly more reflections, its maybe a drastic value but it produces good looking wet result I think…

@sky: I chose this one, more cloudy and it now looks more like its after the rain.

opinions ? :slight_smile:


small update:


So, anyway I decided to play with it a little bit and Ive come to final version, thanks everybody for help, I appreciate it.
Hope you like it.


your LOW frequency are too similar


what do you mean by “low frequency” ?


…i don’t know Shadow

in shot 13 i can see the repeating pattern of the bricks as you look down the street, but in shot 12 i can’t, i just see it ‘fuzzing out’ along with the reflection of the building at the end of the street… which i like…
so, while shot 12 looks like its raining with the sun shining at the same time, i kind of like it more…

hope this helps


  • Bergquist


You might be right, but in earlier posts the road itself appeared too bright to me, because of reflection map and it was supposed to be dark (according to the diffuse texture) but I agree with repeating pattern of street, I just didnt think its so visible from this view :stuck_out_tongue:
General idea was to make it look like its shortly after the rain - no raindrops, just wet street and if you take a look at the sky when rain stops its not clear yet. The sky you see in post 12 comes from HDRI map, I meant to replace it in PS for something like in post 13, which was “default” idea…


The reproduction pattern of the stone in the axis of the street ?
It could represent paths marks that cars produce, but right in the middle of the street is a bit not realistic and a bit to much even.
It was less present on the image before, without the car.
Anyway, the impression is great !


yep, that darkened “pattern” are tyre marks, they are made in both ways of the street and one upright from the garage… and thanks :slight_smile:


here is the explanation - maybe he saw only those in the middle, but acually one belongs to one way and one to another, here, take a look, you will understand better :smiley: