~WIP~ Pocco Sweet Dreams - Shunya Yamashita


Hi there, i’m Krisu/Poke. (I’m not english so forgive my writting :slight_smile: )

I’ve been practicing in Zbrush at courses and was doing really silly stuff.
So i decided i should test myself to improve my skills.

Here is what i decided to model.

i Know, if you look for it at internet, you’ll see this is not her real hair, but it’s just to not see she with a bald head.

For now, i’m just working with dynamesh. To get the shapes and eventually doing the retopology.

I would like to ask if someone knows a nice tutorial or tips to make the hair properly.
I akways see finished works with so detailed hair and glamurous style…
i tried some tutorials but it’s not working as i want.

well then, thanks for watching and hope you can advice me with some tutorials if you htink i should do them to improve my skills!