[WIP] Playermodel - lookin for focused critique


Alright so here it is. My first “showing” on CGtalk heh. Eventually this will go into a HL2 modification (surprise :))

Anyways, this is my first playermodel and i wanted to hear what you guys have to say about him. Im interested in what you think of the mesh in general and what kind of changes i should do in terms of optimising for a better model and/or easier rigging.

he currently stands at 3500 polygons (our budget is 4000)


THe model is supurb awsome amount of detail in regards of the poly count. I think you got it perfect most of the other details could be done with the texture and maybe bumb/normal mapping if your teams wants to.


Lookin’ good!, i made a similar character, also for HL2 mod! never finished mine tho.

Back on topic, the only thing that stands out for me is the helmet, it doesnt look “military” enough. Good job overall.


nice work :),
but maybe you should try to change the helmet.
at the side view it looks more like an eggshell than a helmet.
and also the form of the head at the back view seems not quite correct. it’s a bit too thick at his neck.
hm and his forearm looks to thin [side]


tnxs for the comments sofar guys, will widen the arms (well work with the entire shape of it)

and i guess i need to change helmet, people are on my all over the place about the damn thing :stuck_out_tongue:

@mcstyle, the shape of his head might look of but it is because he has a “hoodie” under the helmet. so its nothe actual skin you see under there


the lower body is excellent, and the upper body is really well done but could use some cuts in areas and add some detail there, like the straps on the pants. The head isnt too bad but the helmet is blah. I think a really nice approach to this would be night vision goggles, unless this is for a game and has to be specific. Just a suggestion, was never a fan of gas masks.



I like him, but I think his butt looks a little flat and I agree that his helmet looks kinda silly, like a little eggshell atop his head.


here is a small update

the helmet has been replaced and ive reworked the overall shape some. Also added some more detail to the mesh


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