WIP - Pipedream 1 -EIM5.02 Insane body


Hi All,

  1. Has any one ever seen EIM take a Duplicate of a solid body and rename it “Insane Body” before?

  2. Any suggestions on the results of my boolean cuts? All the objects are from bezier curve wire extrusions. …Probably should have used basic solids. In UG and ProE I base my models off sketching - hard habit to break.

  3. Any harm in using the solid as is? For a simple object does a mesh like this matter in EIAS?




I had some of this and doesn´t work after. But happened a lot of time ago and don´t remember details (the old age, you know) hope you have no more of this problems, i´m not sure why it happens. Sorry for not be of more help.


Thanks Felixcat,

I have a feeling it’s not going to affect my final image.

My avatar, a sketch from 2005, is my inspiration.

My on again/off again progress since then is attached… I’ll be changing some of the pipe angles. Going for an abstract image.

I’m posting this to try and keep some momentum going and ask questions…




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