WIP: P-51D Mustang...


Everybody’s made one already… but here’s mine! :slight_smile:

My aim is to get it as accurate as possible - shapewise at least. I’ve seen too many 3D Mustang models that aren’t quite correctly shaped, so I hope I’ll manage to make it accurate and do this famous bird justice.
It’s not going to be hyper detailed, as I don’t have the time for that, and most of it won’t show anyway. But I’ll try to make sure it will look convincing once rendered! :wink: At least I hope so! :smiley:

Well, I’ve started this one from scratch only last Monday. I hope you like the progress so far, 17 hours down the road…

Currently it still needs:

  • details (small scoops, guns, trim actuators, rearview mirror, etc…);
  • canopy and windshield windows;
  • basic cockpit interior;
  • to have its tailfin offset slightly, as on the real thing;
  • textures.

Please let me know what you think of it so far. Feel free to be harsh and rip apart every curve you don’t like. This model has to become 100% photoreal in the end… or so is the plan! :shrug:

Thanks in advance! :smiley:


Hmmm… I see the Mustang has lost its popularity a bit… Maybe some wireframes might interest you then? :wink:

Before meshsmooth:

…and after:


I have ALWAYS loved the mustang. And Ill be keeping an eye on your thread :thumbsup:


I’m glad you do! :smiley:

Well, modelling such a well-known plane has posed a whole new challenge. The trick is now to get it as accurate as possible and I believe I am managing. I’ve lined up my 3D model with several perspective photos and made sure it all matches pretty closely. Here’s an example:

It also was a good lesson in not-trusting blueprints too much. The whole tail section would otherwise have been too short. Now it’s spot on! :slight_smile:

For a moment I toyed with the idea of posting this photo plus a wireframe and watch how you guys would tear the “render” apart… but that would have been a bit mean! evil giggle :twisted:

PS. The mismatch between the model and the photo at the trailing edge of the wing is due to the fact that the flap on the photo is partially lowered. On my model it’s in the neutral position.


Little preview:


Very nice! I love the Mustang also, my Dad flew one in WWII.



Nice model. I love the Mustang too. One thing. Aren’t the drop tanks supposed to be more tear drop shapped?


Thanks guys!

Jim, you made me curious now :slight_smile: What model was your dad flying? And with which unit in which theatre? :slight_smile:

If you look closely at the image, you’ll notice each Mustang carries a different set of droptanks. The front one carries 110-gallon compressed-paper tanks, which the one behind carries the more well-known 75-gallon metal tanks.



Another one on the forge, but this time, one that almost everyone could recognize!
This P-51D is coming along very nice!!
Amazing speed of modeling :eek: your daily training is paying back :wink:

I’m looking closely but the overall shape seems fine to me :thumbsup:
Only the wingroots need some more “rounding” on the front section, they are too hard IMO (i´m looking at the second image BTW)
Good work so far, i will keep an eye on this one :slight_smile:



Thanks Zepedro! I’m not sure though about your comment about the wingroot, as it looks alright to me. Please compare with this image here:
Does this confirm or invalidate your comment? :slight_smile:


Hi again, i still think that yours is a bit more angular that the real one… It could be the angle of your rendering or the shading of the surface. :shrug:
Here is a image to better show what i´m talking about:
(hope you dont mind the use of one of your images)

The rear part of the wingroot is perfect, but the front part of the junction is lacking some fluidity in is shape IMO. It could be my lack of perspective though :wink:
In general this is the only thing that i could notice :slight_smile:


I see what you mean, thanks for illustrating. I’ve had a look in MAX and found the problem. Basically the fillet size is about right on my model (as I remembered it to be), but it’s too low-poly (only two faces!), making it look rather hard on the untextured model. I’ll insert another row of edges and double the polycount there. I hope that will make it look smoother :slight_smile:
Thanks for pointing this out, as it’s easy to fix now the model hasn’t been collapsed yet! :thumbsup:

>hope you dont mind the use of one of your images
Not at all! A picture says more than a thousand words! :wink:


Hello dude, i tought u only madded unknown planes :), its looking very nice, i suspect your leaving many details for the textures right?


Hey Guybrush! Haha yea I know, it’s not quite obscure, is it? It’s not a personal choice of mine to be honest, but it’s been requested too many times. I will create a version with ramjets too, just to be a bit less “common” :slight_smile:

No worries though, I have about 6(!) new Luftwaffe 1946 aircraft in the works or finished already. I will show them here soon! :smiley:

As for leaving details in the textures… yes! My policy: if you can fake it, fake it! :wink:
I really respect guys like you and Mark Miller… being able to put so much effort into a single model. Unfortunately I don’t have time for this. Too many projects going on… :shrug: And since most of this detail is not seen in final renders anyway, I texture things I have no time to model :blush: It’s the endresult that counts, isn’t it? :wink:


that version with jets surelly is original :)…i´v alreaddy noticed in other projects from u that u prefer adding detail with textures instead of modelling, and its the best choice no doubt, and u no doubt can bring those details in the textures, the reason i spend so much time on my model, is because i wanna do a big animation with it, with some nice close-ups…so everything was modelled with that in mind.
Keep the good work.


Looking pretty good so far SkyRaider. Interesting to see that mesh… Saw one take off this morning from a local airfield…it was somewhat of a surprise! Well in the UK anyway.

Martin K.


awesome work as usual skyraider, cant wait to see it textured.


Thanks guys! Currently the model is collapsed and I’m adding all the little bits and bobs and cutting out the windows. This is the bit of the production process that I really don’t like. I just want to get on with texturing now… :wink:

Martin, today and tomorrow there’s an airshow at Duxford, so I think that’s where your Mustang was going!

Guybrush, unfortunately I couldn’t texture the gunports and had to model them in! :smiley: Very annoying but in the end I suppose it looks nice. Shame this effort will hardly be seen in the final renders, as it’s so damn small!


The mesh is nearly finished now. Tomorrow I hope to start texturing, after I’ve added the final details.


Max seems to produce really smooth mesh. I assume its all SDS from Max? Those little details like the guns would stand out more if they weren’t there… I’m interested in seeing how you go about texturing.

Martin K.