[WIP] - [OVERWATCH FAN] RAY - by FORTON Christophe


Hello CGTalk! I’ve been playing Overwatch since the very beginning, and I found the art very smooth and stylized, so I wanted to try out a fan made character myself too :blush:. I will do my best to produce a full workflow of Ray, the 3 Cushions gran master.




AGE: 66


JOB: Professional Carom Player


ROLE: Tank

Ray is the perfect grandfather, always caring for his family! He is at the same time an international legend in billiard with more than 100 titles in every discipline. Before the big Omni war, he decides to dedicate more time to his family and said once:” No one should have time for politic or conflict, that time should be dedicate to your family, that’s all that matters”.

With such a stateman some of his friends decide to turn their back on him and try to find more privileges with government organizations and became puppets.

Still, many people kept good relationship with Ray in every part of the globe. You can always find that convivial grandfather speaking his meaning about everything with a cold beer and a billiard table around.

Now fighting to protect his familiy and closest friends, with his weapons made by our well known Torbjörn, also a great billiard player…

Basic idea:

My main idea came together with Baptiste the second French character and Sigma a Dutch character, so why not a Belgian character? :blush: I thought that I could use some inspiration from my own Belgian-Brussel experience :blush: – In Belgium we have chocolate, “French”? fries, Waffles, Beer, but also the best 3 Cushion players of the world and of course the Legend himself ( I let you find out by yourself :slight_smile: ). So, I wanted to mix out some typical Brussel’s grandpa style – sandals, socks, hat… with that amazing sport: Billiard (Carom, 3 Cushion ). So his main weapon is of course his cue stick, but he can throw Carom balls as well!

Some early sketches I made

Made a 3D Sculpt using zbrush

First texturing try