[WIP ]Navis - Sillage 3 engrenages Fan art


Hi guys,
Starting a new project!
A fan art of one of my favorite french comic books: Nävis from the 3rd volume of Sillage comics.
Have a look at this comic book if you haven’t, it’s a great series.

So I gathered some references and I started with the block out of the boots.
I based my references on the drawings as well as on musketeer boots and Doc Martens boots.

first, I did a simulation of the cloths in marvelous designer and then brought it into zbrush, where I cleaned the mesh and added some basic accessories to the boots. Now I finished the block out and will add the details such as seems, folds, stitches, wear and tear later on when the overall block out is done. Next up are the gloves.

Main goal is a real time 3d character in Unreal engine or marmoset.
Any feedback or questions are welcome.
I am most active on Instagram where I often post stories with my WIP.
IG: arnaudlonys



Hey guys,
A little update on Nävis.
Gathered some more references from the comic and finished the marvelous designer simulations for the blockout.
Next up is adding pockets, straps and general detailing of silhouette and wrinkles
Any feedback is appreciated.

If you are curious about this project, head to my Instagram account, where I post stories about the work in progress of nävis.
IG: arnaudlonys

Have a great day