WIP: my first Arch Interior


Something I have been doing the past 2 nights, modeled from a small photo I found on google. C+C/suggestions are welcome, I still have some texture work to do. The curtain on the final will blur the outside tree, that effect adds greatly to the rendertimes. Have to up the AA as well, a little jaggie.


Update: Sorted some lighting issues, textures are still temp, need to adjust for tiling. C+C welcome :wink:


Small update-the lampshade glows now, but it added grain to the light :frowning: desaturated the sofa and pillows a little. Thanks for all of the response!!!:rolleyes:


I think you’ve created a good atmosphere with this piece. I like the chairs. Not my taste, but they scream bachelor pad in a great way. My only minor crits are the couch looks a bit stiff and not soft enough or lived in enough to make the scene totally believable. I’m not sure if the arm rests are too long or not. The curtains may need more folds and wrinkles as well. However, overall I like what you’ve done with the place! :thumbsup:


the last one really looks cool
cause the one before that…looks like its too up high…
but yeah its really nice
can u pleez tell me how u made htis?.. i mean like in what program?
cause im learning 3dsmax, and it doenst seem possible to make this kinda stuff


Maybe it’s your first Architectural scene, but I’m sure it’s not your first 3d work :slight_smile: Really cool
Yes, I prefer the background on the last update. The screen on the TV (thx for the image of Godfather) is a bit to white, maybe you could put more reflection?

It’s strange the glow produced grain like that, I hope you’ll be able to fix it.
ONe small critics is the 4 light bulbs. It’s a bit too much, you’ve already have 2 lamps, and there are too much near the TV.

keep it up. Ireally like the sofa and the pillows


great lighting! i like the TV-screen with mr. brando especially - cool idea…


Update, cleaned up a bit, suggestions and comments are welcome :wink:


damn tbonz, you makin me jealous of your architecture, too! i might have to throw something together to see if me and Brazil can beat you and Mental Ray at the architecture game :wink:

good w3rk!

how much exactly did you model in this scene anyway? all of it down to the fabric on the chairs?


You should try it, arch/vis is pretty fun…although this is only my second try. My first was the brownstone exterior.
No I didn’t model the fabric hehe it is a map based on a photo I took of some denim. :wink:


<hi tbonz, 'dis kicks from the other side
<'really love the cars.
<you use nurbs on the models? or meshmodel only?


Hey Kicks, just poly-modeling thanks man!
If max had better nurbs I would try, but we all know how that goes hehehe

Glad to see you hear my friend!


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