[WIP] Military mech


A Mech inspired by the look of modern military vehicles, particularly the abrams tank, which i hope you can see the resemblance.
Its close to being finished as i have refined the joints and the shapes to how i wanted them to be but i am not yet a 100% sure that it is finished in terms of the design and the overall feeling of it.
So i wanted to show it to a more professional and experienced people before i show it to the world.

My idea was to make the design look relatively simple and functional. To feel rigid and strong like a tank and functional, with a clear purpose like a robot.

In the first darker renders, the “darkness” in the edges is suppose to represent sand and dirt is it would be battling in a desert environment. The biggest issue i have is rendering it properly, or well…rendering it at all. I am a bit limited with hardware and dont posses good composition and lighting/rendering skills, so i was hoping to get a few pointers here on it. I used blender to make this and rendered it in blender internal for a more cartoony feel to it, something like from a animated movie like appleseed. So if any of you are a expert with rendering in blender with the freestyle rendering please do show me a few tricks and tips :stuck_out_tongue:
Critiques are highly appreciated as i want to make it the best i can and to show it off on my artstation :smiley:

P.S. sorry for the big images…better for them to be bigger, so you can zoom out if you need to rather than if they were small and than not even zooming in would help you :stuck_out_tongue:

Harpy nest WIP

The first thing I noticed were the feet. They look very basic and cheap. You should give him a more foot like shape.

The tubular grip on the gun gives it a toy like appearance. I think it would look better with a regular grip like a rifle, or make the tube radius smaller.

The rest of the mech is not bad, its just that the feet does not seem to be matching and as detailed as the rest of the body.

His backside detail looks really nice. (Are those vents on his butt? XD)

you might want to give him more of a torso : ) His legs and arms are so big but his body is so small.

I was looking for some thoughts on my model as well, and would like to get some feedback in return.



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