WIP-Mascot Character


Hello All,
Just wanted some feedback on a mascot character I’m roughing out. He’s loosely based on my kids @3&4 yrs. old. So he has a towel to play super heroes and he has his “Soopah SHOOS” on as well (courtesy of the space hero from AlienZ) so he can run really fast. Any feedback on character design and geometry is welcome.



Apologize for the attachments having problems with file server access on my website.


Soooooo Cuuuuuute :applause:


Looking good…you have a nice clean mesh on the body and face…why so many polys on feet…


Thanks for catching that Will. I had increased the polycount to accomodate more detail in the form for the Hero’s feet to meet Kirts requirements…what a slave driver huh? (j/k Kirt).
I went back to an older revision of that model and grabbed the lower polycount one and then shrunk them to look like the kids version of the SHOOS! I’m going to do my second try at rigging with this guy and see how I do. Once again, any feedback is welcome!


very nice


Cuuuuuuuuuuute! So this is Blue Cougar Junior? :slight_smile:

Mesh looks nice and clean (hehe Soopah Shoos rule!), now I want to see him animated! Good luck with the rigging - hope you set up something cool with his tail for some great swishing action :smiley:


Thanks Will and Leigh!
I’ve been doing really basic rigs from Tim Albee’s character animation book. Now I’m hoping to start getting a better feel for rigging and the setups and IK. We’ll see how it goes, it may take awhile as I add more stuff for the rig to do on top of the basic one I learned from the book!



you should send these wireframe images to :



Thanks Will for the compliment,
I shot them over to Fred at metagons just a little while ago. Taking the kids up to my Dad’s to visit for the weekend so the rigging progress on Lil’ Blue will have to wait til I get back.

Kenn (&


Really nice!
I like your modeling nice and clean.
Great insparation!


Love it, cause i’m a cat fan-atic :love:


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