WIP/ *M-GIRL* colab ninja noodle/MIROART


i’m collab-ing with MIROART. mapping and texturing will be done by MIROART and i will be rigging.

concept of M-GIRL by MIROART

model work by me
package: 3D MAX
poly count: 4744 - breasts = 3000 polys … haha… jk!
modelling time: about three days

front view

hair/bunny detail

and some wires

back view

and close up of hair/bunny etc…

so thats about it so far. some crits would be very muchly appreciated!!! cheers!!! :slight_smile:


:thumbsup:this is the hottest stuff right here! im loving it!..:thumbsup:thumbs up ninjanoodle!!!

now its my turn to play with our polygonal daughter!:twisted:


I think ive seen some of miroart’s designs before - i love his style - did he do the reference image?
As for the 3d side - no crits at all - excellent design, excellent model - and probably an excellent texture to come!

Get crackin!


dude! thats a cool design and all but the model is really sweet. I have to say though, that the topolgy of the model might create some problems around the mid-section when animating.

cant wait to see more


He’s got a point there - saying that, the elbows and knees could also use some more loops so that itll bend better. If you can spend all those polys on the tits, then a few extra on the deformable areas would be ok.


actually i like the concept design of this character. she is so cute. good job!


:thumbsup: great modeling, collab seems to be something good !


wow! I like it very much. Especially the asymmetry of the arms is really nice!


Great style, love the concepts and the model so far is great. This has heaps of character can’t wait to see it finished :slight_smile:


going well there m8, very good concept and model. Meshflow is nice.

She still seems to have wider and much more rounder face on the concept and I think you should go for it. At the moment she looks like she has sucked on something (hehe :D) and hasnt really stopped doing it yet.
You canse save some faces on the boot if you delet that stupid middle vertex on the bunnyeyes, connect the faces normally and make it still look round.

Keep it up, like the fat forearms :slight_smile:


Very nice and stylish stuff. :thumbsup:
Will we get the chance to see her in action? (some game or mod?)
…by the way…i think sometimes, even on lowPoly stuff, it’s good to have some tesselation on flat faces. It gives some nicer shading if there is dynamic lightning.

Great work :applause:


great design and great model. would be an awesome ut2004 model :smiley:


awesome!: clean, nice, sexy, quite low poly for what it is…cannot wait to see her textured and in action with moving boobs when she jumps uh uh


:thumbsup:thanks for all the comments and crits guys!

i cant wait till this is finished!!!


so freakin cool man! i love this concept and i love how the model is coming out, the neon electronic ears rock, i just love the style of this model, its great, it goes right to the concept, can’t wait to see textures! Great work guys!


such great work shame no stars YET:thumbsup:


:thumbsup: hehehe that’s great… love that little bunny thingy… texture her now…


awwww… THANK-U for the posts! and the stars!? wow!!! STARS!!! hehe… :slight_smile:

Andy H: yeah MIROART did the ref image, couldn’t have done it without MIROART’s badass design!!

LeeSalo: cheers for pointing out topolgy, i’ll have a look into it!

Andy H: i’ll put more loops in! just noticed that the robo leg needs more polys at back so will bend better…? … still new to this… >_<;;;

Blackhorse: cheers! MIROART is just unbelievabley talented at character design!

Grorum: yeah this is my first colab! and i’m loving it! you should do it!!

Miguelito: cheers! i love the asymmetry too! i found the modelling very challenging!

CG_Gorden: i can’t wait to see it finished too!!!

Prs-Phil: yeah i agree with you on face and bunny shoe eyes, will sort it oot! or let MIROART sort it out seeing as it’s in his hands now! hehehe!!! cheers!

florian: thinking of doing a simple walk cycle at the moment. still early days!

r3studios: it think it’d look cool in a game too!!

freestyle771: haha… moving boobs!! just like on dead or alive!?

Slythis: cheers! yeah bunny ears rule!!

MassiveOverHaul: wow! there’s stars!!!

mindrot: the little bunny’s called “juji”

woooo… back to work…


This is so pro! I give you 5 stars… I can’t wait to see it finished… maybe even with some animation clips? amazing work.


yaaaaay this is really really really cool