WIP lowpoly Boba Fett



can`t seem to attach image sorry


I think you need to have a certain number of posts, like 10 or something, before it lets you attach.

Meanwhile, you can host your files on something like www.photobucket.com





I like http://www.imageshack.us/ , myself


Thanks for your help guys sorry for the delay i had to get some kip, and go to work.

This is my first low poly model that i am working on. I was aiming for a polycount of 3500-4000, at the moment the body and accerrories are 3000 and the head is about 750, (i think i have to knock that down a bit!).

All crits and comments welcome. Thanks.



looks ok so far, can you post some wires?


He looks a bit thin. Other than that it looks great.


thanks for your comments, i agree he is a bit thin, ill sort that out, then ill sort out the mesh on the head

here is some wire so far


updated wireframe made the chest and legs slightly wide in the side view and reduced the poly count of the helmet to 512



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