WIP: Lady


Hi guys. :slight_smile:

Here’s a painting I’m working on:

I’m really new to this and I can’t seem to get some parts of it (specifically the hair) to look right. Could you give me some advice or some suggestions on how to get it to look better?

The grey blob is just in there temporarily until I draw the cloth. I’m using a photo reference for the pose (not traced) :slight_smile:


i don’t think the hair on your lady needs a whole lot of work it just looks very matt right now. and although some people do have very matt hair that kind of looks like that, it would still have plenty of light variation.

so at the risk of sounding gay . . . you need highlights!

nice stuff on your site btw.


Thanks for the advice man. :slight_smile:

I’ve worked a little more on the colours, added some highlights to the hair and added a background:

Need to get to work on that cloth. :slight_smile:


And another update: :slight_smile:

EDIT: Updated with a new image. :slight_smile:


I need to get back to my CG work so I might have to call this the final version. :slight_smile:

If I get some spare time soon I’ll see if I can fix it up some more. I’m not really happy with the result, but it was a good learning experience. :slight_smile:


It’s coming along, but I think you should focus on the forms a little more than get back to adding details. The hand needs work, particularly the wrist (which is too large), there should be some more foreshortening going on there, then probably some work on the fingers to get a more natural looking posture going on. They are too stiff and fake looking as it is, then you might want to look over the feet some. Her left foot big toe should be bent a little, it is too straight. The right food looks like it has been cut off a little, your angle on it is off. Those things fixed up will improve the picture’s effect a bit.

Keep up the hard work!


Yes a little work on the wrists, and probably fix up the sole of her feet. It looks…wierd…Somehow to me, her hair seems very stiff, like someone with very very dry and damaged hair.

Other than that, you have done a pretty good job on the skin tone, no problems there. Lookinf forward to the finished product!

Keep up the goodwork.


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