WIP - lacked duck..


see the last pict at the end…

here is a new wip… still have to finish 2 of em in this forum… ^^
less than 3000 tris
1x512 + 3x128


funny little man.
His facial expression is gorgeous. Makes me smile when I look at him.
The texturing on his head/face is much more advanced than on the rest of him, but that’s probably due to WIP.
He’s going to look awesome once you finish your texture work.

He looks like a very unique character who has a story to tell, what is he for? Some kind of animated short? Obviously he’s not a dragonslayer…


Hehe agreed, this little dude is awesome, brilliant texture on the head so far.


what is that coming out of his butt?


nothing is coming out of his butt, that is that jug or whatever he is holding. Great model by the way, the face looks superb


wow; thx everyone, what a warm welcome for this little guy ^^

thrawn, no plan for this guy except a little space in my portfolio… but I imaginated him as a guy you could meet in an adventure game, in a small village…

Eviltwin, the same stuff as what wear sumo fighters… don’t know the word in english…

laughingbun, thx a lot…

here is a little update,
I was not that sure of the white Tshirt… and even if I liked the separated sleeves, it had a too queer feel so I went for something different…
I had to tweak a little the model to make the jacket…

you can notice the quare pattern on the shoulders, ripped from samurai champloo… (probably after I give a look to johny’s portfolio ^^) it bother me a little to reuse it, but I like it :stuck_out_tongue: until I find a better one, it will stay I guess.


update, after a short break I took time to finish the texture on the guy… hope you like it…

the polycount of the scene is 3190 and just the guy,without the hat, 2291…
still need to do the hat (I’ll redo it completely) and the duck…


This came out really well! the only recommendation I have is to make the brown thing he’s carrying darker or a different color. Right now there is not enough contrast between that and his skin.


I think that brown thing is going to be the duck :slight_smile: Looks great!


Lovely work. I really like the expression on his face.

Texturing is ace as well.



Jimmy, mindrot, thanks ! :slight_smile:
blacker, as Jimmy said, this is the duck … now it’s done :wink:

I consider it finished now :slight_smile:


It came out great! But how about adding a base or at least a ground plane? Awesome work!


excellent work - very distinctive character. Well done mate.:thumbsup:


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