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Hi all! Im new to matte painting and so would like to use this opportunity to try and learn some new stuff, so be as critical as u like!
I love the imagery that springs to mind when reading the passage from the Kreola script. The first thing that springs to mind is the the context is set in a gorge, and these can be incredible places but are in no way indicated in the plate, so this is probably where I have the most creative freedom!
first thing then, gorge reference!
I compiled a bunch of reference and then began to establish a composition of the environment


Hi Simon,

It weould be interesting to see your entry with your references and the green gorges. Looking forward to an update!


thanks sheema!
like i said, im new to matte painting so dont know if im following standard protocal, though I do have some experience concepting so that helps! Bit more developement on the environment, started by blocking out the layers of depth and then adding some architectural detail…


sorry, this was a mistake!


how do I delete a post?? also, I posted some concept art in the wrong thread and need to move that too!


more update on the envirnment, concern the image isnt balanced at the mo, something I might need to address with a fresh pair of eyes!


Looking really good!

The black levels of the midground cliffs seem to be getting really chalky… although I guess it’s probably the atmosphere applied to them. Maybe try matching those distant shadow areas more to the reference photo they came from… the blues you get in those distant shadows might have a higher photographic realism to them than the white overlays.

I like the confidence and how you painted in the big forms. Very gutsy and impressive.
I can definitely feel the space… and there’s a lot about it that matches some of the background details of the brief.

I like the composition … and I like that pully rope system that’s used for cargo? That has a lot of nice character to it as well.
There’s something bothering me about the perspective of the plate elements in relationship to one another. When I look at one side individually it seems okay, but when I sit back and look at the side with it there’s something that feels off.
I can’t put my finger on it.

It might just mean one side of the plate that you’ve pulled apart has been skewed or warped past its limit. You might need to cut it up into smaller pieces and re-match to geo or vanishing points…
It’s also a late hour for me so my visual sense might be completely off, but you might want to double-check. :slight_smile:


Hi Simon,

The composition is really nice!
The LHS pavement is looking a bit straight, maybe break it up a bit.
I really like the stairs too! :slight_smile:
And like Ken said, check on your perspective to make it work together on each side.
Keep going!!


Thanks guys! Ive tweaked the perspective a bit, times running a bit short so I dont know if Ill get this finished on time tho :frowning:


Hey great work so far, I’m liking the portrait composition. Would be excellent if you can complete this in time. Good luck!!


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