WIP Kreola Richard Cave


Hi I am onboard for this competition, as soon as I clear out my picture host website will post some images up for you all soonest.



just a loose mess around going down and up, thinking off a carved in rock barrio crossed with a souk. Though need to invent a architectural language so its human but not related to human greco roman culture. hmmm loving the challenge.



update, just noodling, anyone else getting dodgy perspective lines from the plate, seem to have 3 vp LOL. The street was not built to code LOL!!

also love to hear your comments,


Mood boards


nice work man. loving the first sketch :buttrock:


Cheers Matt,

like your ideas too, its a tricky plate to work from enjoying this.



Looking good Richie, love the left thirds composition in the latest WIP and the right stairs adds some nice interest and flow to the piece. I could totally see people walking around there on the right in a final composite, but as a matte painting, having it all empty for the characters later on, would be wonderful to see (especially the intricacies and texture detail for the wall there)


Make sure you know where you’re headed :curious:
Your stylesheet/moodboard is all over the place :shrug:
This might slow you down. Usually less is more :wink:


Nice first concept and I see you want to take it even further, I like the new approach, I think it will give more depth and composition to the image, just make sure to blend everything together with attention to detail, don’t forget you are pushing the original plate and now you will need to re balance your exposure, so attach to this and this will look great. keep it up !


Jaime fantastic advice there, thank you will act on that. Seemaschere thanks it does look a lot the mood boards, all the photos have a shape or element that I like to utilise I will not use them verbatim in the matte. Some of the photos are examples of dealing with tight space or structure which helps me problem solve the architecture and design, form and function need to be sorted.

Have not posted an update image as of yet, as not much done yet. In the last four days I have filmed and edited a promo video for a charity so things are going slow. Also been reading up on steam punk. I like the steam punk idea just need to work out how to make it alternate steam punk without reference to contemporary and victorian aesthetics. So if I am right Milan no reference to humanity is allowed. So it has to be a alien steampunk that makes it hard.

Thanks for all the comments everyone, really enjoying this



Just had three major photoshoots on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday lost, and had to shoot a short film on Friday, so had zero time to give this the love it deserves.

So this weekend I am going to push it further. Jumped into my favourite free application for checking perspective. The approach I used worked as I had found 3 VPs in the plate, mediaeval architecture is not to code LOL. So picked the middle of the 3 VPs, Good news its the right one, phew.

Going to work out the architecture, today so that its is not greco roman arabique. Need to find a building style, I have an idea on that. Steampunk jeez Milan how do you do steampunk that does not refer to 19/20th Century design?

So need to invent alien steampunk, architecture, concept, no pressure!


Some noodling on architecture, best thing is this actually reminds me of the souk in Morrocco. Tight streets, loose architecture, like being at the bottom of a canyon, and in the distance the never ending city, getting into the rythmn of this

and hands up time, made a mistake or few on the original sketch, and so pleased sketchup stopped me from going too far.


ooh this is getting exciting!!


the last comp there is looking awesome! I really like where its heading with the area on the right and how that leads into the canyon. Nice one!


Thank you Jonah,

Where I am at the moment, dont panic just blocking in elements, looks a mess, just trying out the foundation design, I have found a alien shape which I think fits, this comp is just 1 of 2 that I am doing to see if it reads correctly,



Hi, slow morning here in the UK, progress so far, worked out several things last night. For a city to run, you need trade, communications, a central nodal point of commerce and places to live. I am working on the souk concept something I noticed in the souk was the ground floor was the shop and the living areas were upstairs, the front was also the stock room. Out front you had two greeters on the corner of the shop. One caught potential customers from one side of the alley the other did the opposite direction. Here in the canyon its different.

Outside the shops, will be rope and baskets, so that the baskets can be sent vertically Carrying goods to people in the tiers. The bridges would be used to move the baskets from one side to another like a matrix (building a2 left to building a7 right) Commerce concept solved.

Communication, a variation of the semaphore, large glass spheres in a line a variation of signals can be sent down the canyon. Communication solved

Steam will power the artesian screws that pump water around the tiers. Fresh water courses above the canyon will be harnessed by the richest merchants. Below downriver (the stinks) would be the poor, and the water will be polluted by those above. They remove the sediment for the farms and gardens above. It is a arid environment of course.

In the tradition of steam powered devices, there may be lifts (elevators) that move people around. As for transport, not quite sure on that been toying with balloons that are piloted with pilots that have long poles. I was on a canal yesterday watching a barge being pushed by a bargeman with a long pole to manoeuvre it into place.

I have to solve the above so that any outsider can see and answer there own questions.

Oh forgot to mention, the above renders. I need to make it alien, with graphics and carvings, so did a abstract doodle as a panel and put it into the matte to see how carved graphics would look. For the actual matte will use more designed panels inset into the structure. Also the uniformity of this would be the humble hexagon. Hexagonal pots, entrances and motifs. This reminds me of a hive and what would be most appropriate in a hive.

Working through this slowly and methodically.


Made these last night, a day and night model, it helps break the 2d world and pan and move around. I am approaching this like a set designer looking round the scene in 3d. Sketch up is quick, fast and easy way to check out a scene, though these were rendered using Maxwell 3d.

I am definately using the hexagon motif now, my colours and values were wrong in the last iterations so I have pulled the original plate back over and using that as my palette.


Great looking composition ! Looking forward to seeing how this develops


Liking the composition ! I want to see some detail already !


You will just have to wait ha ha!

I am editing a short feature tonight for work, its a charity gig and would iike to finish that, its for soldiers with PTSD who have come back from war. So you will all have to wait till tomorrow for updates.

Thank you all for your kind comments, this comp is a lot of fun. Once I have finished editing this short film there will be tons of updates, also I may need a bit of help on one bit of it,

had a look at everyones efforts there is a a lot of great imagination going on in this forum, its brilliant to be part of it.

Back to FCPX and this short film, which has touched me,



not much done at first look, however some progress has been made, my scanner is offline but my sketch book has some ideas in it, so gonna to have to photo that.

bridge move up,

stairs worked on,

props designed,

hieroglyphs done,

design language settled on,

hunting textures and references, fond a photo of a sandstone block cube in the same sunlight, and direction, so now gonna use that for colour tones and values, all this and my day job LOL Off to Denmark this week shooting a product so this week is gonna be lost!!!

Dont worry will catch up