WIP: KREOLA - Emir Aksay


Hi, I was going to join this challenge after I had something I was glad with, but I’m afraid I won’t have time to complete, anyway this is what I came up with:

I will try to do something as I find time…


Hello Emir,
Thank you for joining. Sometimes it is better to show a rough idea before going too far down the wrong way. Your current collage seems to be fighting multiple perspectives. Maybe try to go back to the original photo that was provided and start by adding and subtracting a few things.
Good luck.


Thank you for the reply Milan.

I’ve done a sketch which I followed your advice and tried to build something on top of the original plate. While at first I started by carving the buildings into the stone, I tried changing the right side into more of a houses that resemble a pile :slight_smile: I need to work on this more…


Hello Emir,

That’s a lot better. Now you just have to define the rest a bit more.

And have fun with it.


Thank you for the comment Milan, like I’ve said before I can’t find the time to complete this matte on time. But thank you or this great challenge, I keep coming here to look at the amazing stuff everyone is coming up with…

I will complete this matte when I find the time for my own fun :slight_smile:

and good luck selecting the best mattepainting!


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