[WIP] Korth Super Sport


In the afterwork time, I’m trying to get a good hero object for my Portfolio, it’s a revolver with some quite interesting pieces. This is what I got so far.

Most recent update Image:


it’s still missing a couple of details, but the main shape it’s finally here


The model itself is finished, I’m also done with UV, next phase is texturing this baby.
I’ve already given it a general pose and an idea of a setup, I’m envisioning the scene to be like a police officer desk or something, but for now I’m focused only on the gun itself.

Latest image is pose test and lighting test


Very early material concept, the ammount of wear is only been balanced for the stabilizer on the lower part everywhere else is just the same material being copied and slapped over without any adjustment


Again, still in preliminary phase,
figuring out materials and wear and tear, but I think it’s starting to come along nicely


slowly getting sexier :slight_smile:

And I take the occasion to say happy easter for everybody tomorrow


Very tiny update on the textures today, but they already give a sense of completion

still need to work on the grip, the magazine and the whole upper rail


I think It might be finished, I’ve stared at it so long that I’m starting to not see anything anymore

This is the main reference, of course they don’t have any wear whatsoever and there are slightly different versions between the references, so there is something that might not correspond.

Any feedback at this point would be highly appreciated


This is the first setup for the whole scene, I still have to think something about the lights, I might want them more moody, right now the clean blue light from the right it clearly indicates it’s middle of the day, I don’t know if i want that, since the scene is slowly turning to a noir setup


Some finess updates but good updates:
Managed to get a more realistic look on the table with microscratches and a darker color, plus I toned down the amount of scratchyness made by the bigger ones.
Also some deepth of field and a new element, a police badge, it’s not the greatest, beacause it’s very hard to come by very good pictures of police badges and since modeling it it would be a nightmare, I’ve tried to create a displacement from the image, but I’m not really very happy with the result.
Plus for more sexy colors this one has a different LUT than usual


Decided that the camera angle was not the best, so I flipped it over, and drastically changed the light mood again, this is was what I was pointing more or less from the beginning, this one is a fairly high quality render, I would love to hear some opinion, especially on the amount of DOF I added and what do you think, are the bullet in need for a better texture overall?


Final Render


I reworked the textures of the grip and made some new renders out of it.