Here is a model of King Kong that I prepared for a modeling demo at Siggraph. During the show, I proceeded from the day before, so that I could get closer to finished (but it took all day last Sunday, so I couldn’t repeat the whole project :slight_smile: )


Love your efficient use of splines!




Fantastic splines as usual. I particularly like the nose - it shows off the way that splines give you loads of control with the use of bias handles.



Great Kong.

You mentioned you did this for a demo at Siggraph. Was this for the Hash booth? Did they film you? Can we watch you at work on the upcoming Siggraph DVD tutes?

I enjoy watching other people work.


Carl Raillard


yes it will be on the 2004 Siggraph tutorials. the ran camtasia and recorded all of the demos.


Inspired by Yves’s Skylights, I thought I would try them! I like the effect so much, I may make it the default lighting.


Nice economy of splines. Especially around the eyes and the ears where one would think there would need more. At least I tend to put way more than that in those areas. And nice model overall.

Did you do the whole model in one demo session? And how long did it take?

Oh. And nice lighting too. :slight_smile: This lighting setup allows to perceive all the details and morphology in the shadow area too. You didn’t use bluish-yellowish setup or a skydome filter yet. Didn’t you?


I tried the skydome last night, and I read the tutorial–but I don’t quite understand how it is supposed to work. I will experiment some more, and I may have to pester you directly if I still don’t understand it…

I actually modeled this the Sunday before I left for the show. I wasn’t able to complete the whole thing in my demo, due to the time limit ( I spent all day doing it the first time, and only had an hour to model for the demo).


You may pester me:)


OK, I’m loving the skylight–but I’m still confused on the skydomes. I have two instances of this skydome and I’ve set their properties in the shortcuts in the choreography. The outer “skyfilter” is 50% transparent IOR 1.01, casts shadows, doesnt recieve shadows, doesn’t cast reflections.
The inner “skymap” is 100% ambient, 2000 diffuse falloff, is opaque, doesn’t cast shadows, doesn’t recieve shadows. My light for the skylight is casting 2 rays. The Skydome modet has the decal, so it is on both instances–but no color is reaching the models…

Now, I think that I’ve done everything right to get some color filtering from the skydomes, but I clearly haven’t–you can sample any part of the temple or ape and see neutral RGB numbers…
So what am I missing?


Thanks to Yves! I had to scale up the skylight model so that the falloff radius of the lights was outside the skydome ( I had it so that the centers of the lights were outside the dome)


Pretty much done…



That’s a great ape! :thumbsup:
He deserves a banana.


Carl Raillard


I like the way you’ve faded the hair up his belly :applause:

Are you using raytraced lights? It’s one of those personal preference things, but I think hair looks better with z-buffered shadows, less obvious aliasing, if you know what I mean. :slight_smile:


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