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Hey everyone!

I also posted this in the Alumni forum, but decided to post this here as well.

I took David’s course this past summer and I’ve been busy taking the concept art courses with Simon Scales as well. So it’s only now that I’ve had time to revisit my two mattes that I sadly didn’t have time to finish.

First up is my cityscape matte. Baseplate is a shot of Tokyo in sundown. I wanted to create a epic cityscape with lots of buildings, but still somewhat not over the top sci-fi. If you follow me :slight_smile:

And it seems I need to have my posts validated before I can submit attachments. So I’ll post links via Dropbox.

I’d love some feedback from you on those mattes.



Latest version:



I’d love to get some feedback on the set extension that I didn’t have time to complete for David’s course this summer.[/LEFT]

The plate is from the Byodo temple in Kyoto.




I noticed after I uploaded the images that the mountains look green’ish, which is odd. Because locally on my computer they look as intended, blue’ish.
Anyone knows why this is?



Hio Kim,

For your set extension, definitely the bg mountains are out of place due to it’s black level colors and haze in them. I’d go more very desaturated blues, and more towards green gray, rather than teal or blues, something like what you have in the middle. Usually in mist or over cast, the local colors are much stronger, so the greens of the trees would come through, but the black values themselves tend to get a little bluer and desaturated, but not blue/green teal color.

Also having a bigger mountain peak maybe on the right thirds above the big temple would help reinforce the composition in this image, as my eyes get goes to the lowest point in the valley more on the left and gets stuck there rather than to the temple which seems to be more important.

Happy Holidays Kim!


Heya David!

Thanks for the feedback, will look at the colors of the BG and the scale of the mountain.
Weird that they look more green when I uploaded them though :confused:

Happy New Year! (Time differences aside :wink:



Hallo David,

hope you had a awesome New Years Eve (and lots of champagne :slight_smile:
I had some time to spend on the Set Extension, so I revised it further based on your feedback.
I appreciate you taking the time!

Here is the revised one.



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