WIP [John Kerry] [thekamps]


I am trying to do John Kerry.
I am having a hard time with the wrinkley shar-pei look he has going but I am trying. I’ll try to post more tomorrow. Gotta run. Late for my hockey game!


Ha! I think Lurch blends in there pretty well. Can’t wait to see what you do with him.



The funny thing is, I was going to do the other Senator from Massachusetts. But I figured, since I already did Schlitzy, that might be redundant. :stuck_out_tongue:



Originally posted by JTalbotski
[B]The funny thing is, I was going to do the other Senator from Massachusetts. But I figured, since I already did Schlitzy, that might be redundant. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jim [/B]

Oooohhh…I thought I heard a rimshot calling my name. :wink:


I thought I should show something at this point no matter how bad it is.
I haven’t had a lot of time and need to spend a lot more. Maybe some texturing can pull it around.
I had a hard time and tried all kinds of different things. This is the result of reshaping a finished head model.


very nice!

I’ve found how hard it is to make a face resemble someone, but you’ve done a great job of it. You have the basics, now just keep tweaking it!


That’s a great start. Do you plan to model pre or post botox Kerry? Looks like you could go either way right now. Like you said in your initial post, all those wrinkles sure would be hard to model. :thumbsup:


A solid start - I actually recognize him!

I’d say that a lot of the area near the nose (and the nose itself) could start to be a bit stronger rather than just old man - but the area around the eyes really captures him.

Hopefully, you’ll get to use that characature for a few years to come…


Actually, I’d say that the area around the eyes is what needs the most tweaking. Look at that wonderful profile view in the sample pics above, and notice how deeply his eyes are sunk in under his brows. It’s like a cave! That part of his face is almost caricature already, so for an actual caricature of him, that’s something that should really be pushed to the hilt.

Nice work so far! Looking forward to seeing more!


yeah, it’s like a built in sun visor!!!
The one thing I don’t like about the wirefram that you have shown is how you laid out the splines from the corner of the mouth. I feel that this style creates un-necessary complications to the mesh when making lip shapes or smartskin for the jaw.
I feel that if you run a spline directly from the corner of the mouth that runds back towards the neck and around it, you really divide the head into 2 easy to recognize parts. An upper and lower. Not too mention it really makes it easy to see how smartskin should be handled or even if you want to add a fan bone to that section to handle the position of the mesh in an easy fashion.
Just a thought…
Mike Fitz


Thanks everbody.
I still need to tweak and exaggerate things even more but I wanted to post how your insights have improved it to date. It is looking a lot better. So thank you very much.


I’d suppose Justin’s right. Looking at that side view pic that you originally posted, Kamps, I really have to agree with him.

In addition, there’s a line running from the crease behind the one around his mouth up to his high cheekbone that is ripe for exaggeration .


just a lesson learned…

Hopefully this will save someone else from this silly mistake. I had been saving out different progressive versions of my files in case I wanted to go back. Typical scheme 001, 002, 003, etc. The only thing is that I was saving projects, NOT models. So when I messed up my model and went back to a previous project…I still had the messed up model.
Don’t I feel dumb:banghead:


I made the same mistake for my first ten or so revisions. Luckily I never had to go back to those versions. My biggest problem so far is getting in “the zone” and forgetting to save often. After about 2 hours of tweaking last night I went to save a new version and AM decided to crash :cry: That’s the second time on this project I’ve had that happen.


Here is my final image as well. As far as I had gotten anyway. It really needs a great bump map to get all those signature wrinkles in. I guess if I want to use this to poke fun of the presidential race, I better continue to work and texture him.

Thanks everyone.


Fantastic job ! This is a very good likeness and you’re not even done. I hope you continue this as for at least the next 8 months it will be very relevant.

Great job.


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