WIP - Iron Man Helmet


Hey, I’ve been working on an Iron Man helmet model today, this is my progress so far.

I aspire to be a hard surface modeller in the film VFX industry, therefore I need my work to be of a high standard so feedback would be greatly appreciated.


There are a few places that I’m not entirely sure how to do, topology-wise. If any of you can help that would be great!

Okay so in the bellow image I know I want to add an edge loop here to stop the stretching, although I’m not sure how to go about it. I know i’d like to join it with the existing edge loops shown in the circle.

Same with this eyepiece, I know I need some edge loops to support the sharp angle of the eye, but I don’t want to have creases running through my model. Could someone point me in the right direction, please?


I went ahead and powered on and made some changes to the topology.

Bellow is the finished helmet, rendered in Arnold.

I’ll post some wireframes tomorrow, but I’m tired now and off to bed.

I’m pretty happy with how this went, I gave myself a day to get this done. #1 of my weekend projects complete, although, I want to add more details like bolts and stuff in the future.

I hope you all like, please send feedback.


very good job


What program are you using? With Max I’d select the vertical edges and use Connect to add the extra divisions and then select the option to constrain movement to Edge or maybe Face so they follow the existing topography when you move the loop where you need it. I’m assuming you’re needing extra edges because you’re adding something like turbosmooth where the further an edge is from another the more it gets rounded while closer edges are sharper and more defined…


Hey Scout,

Thanks for taking the time to help! :slight_smile:



Super short render to show finished model.


looking nice but I noticed some areas that might need some attention :

blue: looks too round compared to the original model
red: has that crisp edge, I don’t think it exist in the mk3 suit
black: the whole hard edge should flow and be consistent, I believe it needs to be tightened at that area.


great job with your forms.
Since you are modeling an Iron Man, you have to be extra picky !
Keep in mind of the spacing in between your panels. It doesnt seem to have an even spacing in between them and I was able to catch that right away. Every corner should meet every corner perpendicularly. Every line if feeding into another line.
Think of Iron Man as a manufactured car but for a person. It needs to look perfect :slight_smile:


Hey Hannah, thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

You’re right, I should make the helmet more precisely and make sure that the spacing between panels line up exactly. There’s also some topology that needs to be cleaned up, however, I’m back at uni now so don’t have much time. Although over the Christmas holidays, I’ll open up the scene once again and post some updates. Thanks again for the feedback :slight_smile: