WIP - Interior Project for University


Hi everyone!

This year I’ve got a few projects on the go for my university course. This project here is one part of a set of two projects, where we need to model, texture and light both an exterior and interior scene to a photorealistic standard.

Feedback would be greatly appreciated as I post updates, as I really want my work to be the best it can.

My interior scene is being designed around a combination of the below:


This is where I’m currently at with the modelling… I’ll keep posting as I make progress.

Feedback welcome.


Here’s the first pass with some textures added to the scene. Still, a long way to go…

Feedback would be appreciated at this stage, thanks :slight_smile:


Okay, so we were told that we had to light the scene to match a genre; I chose the crime drama genre.


Straight away it was clear that all three shows share a similar teal and orange colour scheme, which is popular due to how well those two colours compliment each other. It is used widely in Hollywood blockbusters, however, what sets it apart here is how desaturated it is in these shows. The desaturated look gives the genre a colder and bleaker appearance which suits the themes and stories that get told.

The examples consist of quite a lot of contrast, I suppose that this is because the shots lack in colour but still create visual interest in the white and black levels of the frame.

Looking at the screenshots from each example, they almost could be the same film, the style is very similar and ties the genre together well. My scene at the moment is quite warm and well lit, however, from this point on the style of the genre will be a heavy influence on the choices I make.

Here is where I’m currently at:

My scene has changed a lot since my last post. Any feedback would be much appreciated.


  • Fix the glass in shower as it blocks light
  • Try a shower curtain
  • Add blinds to windows


You have a good start here, really.
What i think you should do now, is to alter the surface of the shaders. Something like hand’s mark on the glass,the mirror and wall, subtles scratches on the floor! Because for now, you more have an “IKEA” look.
You can also play with image composition, to give the eye a direction to look at.

Be careful with lighting too, some parts are burned to pure white! As you can see on your references, there’s almost no pure white in the image.


Thanks Hugo for the feedback! I’ve gone back through the shaders and tried to add extra layers of details, still more work to do. I feel maybe the subtle scratches and marks are maybe a tad too subtle, what do you think?

I’ve added some more clutter to the scene and I feel it’s starting to feel more lived in, though, I believe it needs more.

Feedback hugely appreciated! :slight_smile:


Just another progress update…

Tasks Done:

  • I’ve added subtle volumetrics
  • Removed water drip normal from shower glass, played around with roughness maps
  • Add even more clutter and extra details, such as footprints across floor

- Try and work out a better composition

  • Add blinds to the windows
  • Smash mirror
  • Remove fireflies from transmission


Okay so a little off topic, although still for the same project.

Just a quick render of the Buck 120 knife which will be on the floor of the crime scene as the murder weapon. I had been wanting to model this knife for a while, so thought I might as well use this project to actually get around to doing it. I love the Scream movies, and it’s the knife Ghostface uses in them, so it was a fun thing to do.


Just another interior render update, some small changes have been made and I think it’s moving in the right direction.

Tasks Done:

  • Fixed the overexposed windows
  • Blinds have been added to the windows
  • Shaders have been tweaked a bit i.e mirror and wood
  • Set decor has been rearranged, and the murder weapon has been added
  • Tweaked the compositing to give a colder more bleak look

There’s still a fair bit that I want to do to this scene, but thought I’d post an update on my current progress.


Finished Interior Renders


If you have any feedback please share, I’ve got a couple of weeks to make changes if you have any suggestions.


This is definitely not a big thing (might just be the “taste”) but the floor tiles are not very fitting for bathroom. No matter how you think that pattern is usually associated with wooden planks or parket (whatever that thing is called in English). To put such thing in bathroom confuses me a bit as a viewer.
I know that one of your references has such pattern, but i would be so bold to even state that whoever did it in that pic has “poor taste”. Might be just cultural thing thou :). I would go try simple plain colored tiles or any other design but the one that is currently.

Anyways, other than that you have every other aspect taken care of quite nicely. The only other thing i’d look into is the shattered glass. I think it should be spread wider. Also the thing that it got under toilet is also possible but “rather unlikely” in my eyes. Also if the entry point was window i feel that the plant would get in a way so maybe it should be on the ground. Just some ideas.

Anyways keep up good work :wink: