WIP "Hilbert Cube"


Hi all,

i´m currently working on variations of a Hilbert Cube. Modeled in ViaCAD. Rendered of course in EIAS. The only thing i did in good olé EIM was to boolean the sphere from the cube because i couldn´t trim the solids in ViaCAD…

First Title: “I love Japan”, even if i´ve never been there :wink:

Other interpretations will follow.



That’s fantastic :slight_smile:

Great concept too,


Thanks for the encouraging words Ian!

Will do my best for the next versions… :wink:



Hi Stefan,
That looks amazing. I missed this thread because this part of the forum has been so quiet lately.

If you have the time, could you show what each part looks like when rendered separately?




Thanks Aziz!

Sure, i can do this, when i come home this afternoon. I will post two images, showing the red part only and a second one showing the white parts. If i only knew how to create a VR scene with EIAS, like shown in the EITG gallery i would render of course a VR scene, because the Hilbert Cube would be a good canditate for QTVR.



Hi Aziz,

here´s the seperated cube:


Great job…very clever idea well executed!


Thank you very much Paul!

OT: You must be a very busy man, just visited recently your Gallery. You added so much fantastic works (Rhino+Brazil section). Simply amazing!



Thanks Stefan :slight_smile:


Hi all,

i´m a bit slow, but here´s the next one. Hope you like it.


Another good one, Stefan.
Just wondering, were the grooves in the latest model created with a boolean operation?


Thanks Aziz!

The grooves are drawn in a 2D profile. I just drew a 2D circle played a bit with it´s form (2 parts), like seperating, drawing the grooves etc. and then extruded both parts slightly to get two solids (0,5 thick). After that i used the “one rail sweep solid” command to create the cube.



Hi again,

this is my 3rd of 4 pictures i like to present. The funny thing about it is when you look at some pipe segments they appear to be more flat than rounded. This is only an optical effect, the model is correct in shape…:slight_smile:



They’re all cool but I really like the 2nd one. The reflective one that reflects itself. It’s trippy! Looks good. Fun too.



when creating the second one i thought a metal surface would be appropriate even if i had not the reflections in mind. Funny indeed.



This is very interesting, well thought, well done.

My favorite is the second one. It would be nice to see it form from a cylinder following the Hilbert path. Pathfinder?


Thanks Richard!

I don´t quite understand what you mean?! I used a splitted coin shape for sweeping, like a flat cylinder…Or do you mean it should have the form like the 3rd one, without rounded edges (of the path)?

Pathfinder, no. I don´t have any 3rd party plug in´s for EIAS. I used ViaCAD to create all three cubes.



Hi all,

finally my last image. Hope you like it.

Thanks for watching and happy rendering!



Very nice! - good clean, exact construction and very attractive materials/rendering.


Thank you very much for the nice comment!