WIP: Hi-poly Multiracial (Generic) Female - (Nudity)


Cool beans, my grad program gave us machines with 1 gigabyte of ram to use. I might just finish this thing just yet. Anyhoo, I figured it was time for an update. Here’s the base low poly mesh cage with the displacement and the texture on top of it. I’ve been trying to get the more extreme poses to work. The shoulder is kind of a bitch to get right, but what else is new. Let me know what you think of it.


Hmmmm, are you sure you take her out for dinners? :wink:
the neck needed attention as mentioned, otherwise its fine though she looks bumpy near the abs.
Just thought that the region of her abdomen (uper as well as lower) has bumpyness. maybe smoothing it would look better… (keep the roundness, and the fullness, dont make her have a superflat tummy) just maybe smooth outh the bumps… just a suggestion.

And one more small detail, the wrist bone needs a look…something is poppong out a bit too much…:slight_smile:
You’ve come a good way from where you began…good work.:thumbsup:


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