[WIP]Herman Hedning - Help needed


Hi guys,
This is my first WIP tread.
I’m kinda new to Digital art so I need all the critic that you can provide in order to evolve as an artist.
So don’t be shy on the critic.

This Caracter is Herman Hedning. A famous Swedish cartoon. I thought I would make it in 3d.

I have worked on this so long I can’t see whats wrong and whats not.

I’m not sure about the mountains. I think I need to redo them. Gonna take a look at ICE AGE inorder to steal/modify the style from there.

I’m using Joe Alters Shave and Haircut the the hair/fur.
I disabled the fur on the rabbits on this render since my computer does not “flush” with that much content or whatever. But for the final batch render I thought of seperate each rabbit in one renderlayer so I think that could solve that problem.

Most of the base meshes where created in Maya and sculted in Zbrush.
Shaders are Maya nodes and Mentalray.

What are the suggiested renderlayers to take out?

So give me some critic before the final render! =)
If you have any further questions I’ll try to answer them.

Have a good day and happy new years! =D


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