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I am Nikola from Serbia. This is my first post in here. I was modelling this guy for some time and plz critiz me 2 emprove my skills(sorry for bad english :slight_smile: )!

also here’s my scene:




looking good sofar. i like the fact he has thick lips!


I like the start of the model but your file names are tasteless. Grow up.


I think it’s more of a misunderstanding of cultural differences.

Looks like the ears could stand to be pulled out a little more.


here’s a little update

I had a problems with corners of the mounth & eyes if anyone could be so kind 2 download the scene and show me on my example :))

private guy or girl: I didnt mean 2 heart anybody, honestly!
Here in serbia we dont have such sort of feelings sorry again if I heart anybody I’ll change the name of file as soon as I post the new sceen


Stroker : THZ! It was misunderstanding!


-Here in serbia we dont have such sort of feelings

As in Serbia the country??

I wouldn’t bet on any country AFA those ‘sort of feelings’ are concerned.

It’s not a geographic thing but rather a human one.

Anywho,I’m sure you didn’t mean to hurt people,just get a bit of attention.

Good luck in the future


Many things you should take care in next time:

  • The main head shape it’s not going ok, did you use side view reference!?
  • The upper area of the eyes should be more bigger…
  • You should fix the nose corner which attach with mouth loop…
  • And mouth corner is not ok…
  • The neck is too wide.
  • The ears must be bigger a little and go out…

And could you post wires, thanks

Good Luck


Maybe it’s been edited but I don’t find anything about what has been posted as tasteless. That said, looks like a great start.



I have made some changes in a nose & mounth area, still have a problem with mounth corner!

mounth - deleted 1 edgeloop becouse I had 2 much vertecies
nose - changed flow of the edges, fixied some bad triangles in the root of the nose with edge across the chic.
eyes - fixed part above the I eyelashies and them a little bit
neck - fixed

Is it better?

eYadNesS thz for participating


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