[WIP][HAIRY TROLL][hoochoochoochoo]


Originally posted by JTalbotski
How did I miss all this?

Thanks Jim! Means a lot getting a compliment from you! As to your question, I’m probably on a lot of peoples “ignore” list so don’t fret about it. Read your reply elsewhere and hope everything in your life is OK again!

Originally posted by violet903
You have to make some Dynamics Tests - Showing Potential…

Thanks Violet, and nice to see Aussies DO have a sense of humour as to the the trolls original inspiration… hehe!

Tests? I’m no animator but would happily give this guy away for anyone to play with. Going to finish the rigging first though.


I dont know why, but i really like trolls :wink: ! You should use him as your Avatar ! Together we will make the A:M forum X-Rated :slight_smile:


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