[WIP][HAIRY TROLL][hoochoochoochoo]


not liking the shoulder on the left - am open to opinion if anyone is willing to voice it.
I also have an unhappy feeling I should have a different type of hair / fur but then it could seem like hair / fur for the sake of it.

Doug? Are you still there?


Hooch -
I’m here and ready to offer my opinions. I just can’t be silent anymore.

NO do not change the hair. It looks tough, stony and nasty and its perfect. In regards to the shoulder, I think it looks too ‘peaked’. Perhaps broaden the area after the armpit a bit to fill out the bicep area a little - tho you might then have to shift the elbow area down towards the hand a little, eh?

To reiterate - don’t change the hair !!!


from a Troll to a Horse…


I actually did peak the handles at the shoulder and you’ve set me to thinking. Cheers again! I’ll try and post some variables on the left arm tonight and see what you think.


this version of the left arm is closer to the original “photoshopped” version that had random skin effects.

I’ve been staring at reluctant grooming handles too long. However treatment of the scales look unfinished still.


TrollChooChoo -
That first pic of your recent post looks good. Less sharp in the shoulder area. btw - the shoulders as they were weren’t a ‘show stopper’ for me. It was a minor thing. And when you look at the proportions of the entire model its even less of an issue.

Good work as usual.



I have NOTHING to say… my mummy loved me even if I DO look like a troll first thing in the morning…

Todays pics (grabbed some free time before I head home in 10 mins)

a close up of the shoulder -

and this one of the back. If it’s not onscreen yet, check back in 5 minutes - SmartFTP is doing its best to upload as fast as it can!

Lastly, Doug, I DID listen to your opinion - just hadn’t time to render it out before (and it takes a while to move those grooming handles into place…)


having trouble getting an alpha channel to mask out a decalled groove but here’s the trolls weapon
(I tried turning the stone material into a decal to cut render time down.)

I’m having strange problems with these images- the lycos link doesn’t seem to be picking everything up. I’ve tried the image tab address again and again but not picking up for some reason.

Apologies - but if there is anyone visiting this thread for updates you’ll just have to check back later!


Argh! Dirty rotten Lycos … I hope it’s free Hooch.


Hi Horse dude type person! my previous images are coming up blank on screen too,
have you got the same problem?? I’ve double checked EVERYTHING and the files are there on the Lycos server, same address as the other ones…

Mind you, funny things always happen near the end of my competitions… (“Outer Limits” music comes on in background…)


got an email back from Lycos and they are having problems with the FTP server…

getting the feeling that I should stop entering these darn mini-contests…:sad:


Heya Troll …er Hooch -

You could attach them to the thread via CGTalk server can’t you? I’ve never been able to do so but you could try.


here’s a try but I had to reduce the heck out of the image…

almost pointless…


Yeah that is teeny. Oh well, I guess we’ll just wait on Lycos won’t we?

I’m not having much luck finishing up mine and I have no server to blame it on. Just my modeling speed. Bird’s feet are really hard. :eek:

Horse out.


you think that’s teeny?? ARE YOU NOT SATISFIED MAN???

:scream: :beer:

here’s another pointless image… side view


working on the tufts of hair that branch from the head of the model - got one “braid” done and hoped to save time by copying and pasting sections of model that had been groomed…

unfortunately, the groomed areas are NOT duplicated. Looks nice though and I’m itching to post an image.



1 - 2 Not sure whether I like the groomed braids or whether to leave them as they come direct… any opinions would be appreciated - even if you hate the model.!
3 - these scales work fine close up but feel “lost” from further away in this whole body shot. I’m itching to “grow” these scales more… again any opinions would be appreciated.
4- the last areas to “scale/hair” up. Same general scale design to be used.

Also now ready to rig him so he / it can grab the crossbow ready for posing. That’s if MY IMAGES WILL WORK!!!:banghead:


Have played with the scales at his/its wrist and now made up one side of the braided hair.

Next job is the other side, the hair that drapes over his/its figure


Hooch -
My opinions now that Lycos has been cooperative …

I think the hair on the arms looks sort of like moss from a distance. Which is cool, it suits the stoney nature of this guy.

I like the braids as they are in the last post, except the color. I think the red is sort of … i dunno, innapropriate for this guy. But now that I think of it I don’t know his history so maybe it is appropriate. But perhaps a toned down more natural-ish red and a green - like he would have dyed it himself with wild berries or something?

The eyes are perfect. Blank and piercing at the same time. Cool !

I can’t wait to see this guy posed. Great job so far.


Originally posted by modernhorse
[B]Hooch -
perhaps a toned down more natural-ish red and a green - like he would have dyed it himself with wild berries or something?

The eyes are perfect. Blank and piercing at the same time.

Thanks Horse-type-guy… I loved the idea of using natural materials to dye the colours in. Here’s a quick test render for your perusal…

Oh yes, the eyes… I used the X-Ray.mat as a base for his/its eyes.
They do look a bit like they’ve been plonked into a mesh but there are modelled eyesockets there. It’s one of things I’m toying with changing…