[WIP][HAIRY TROLL][hoochoochoochoo]


there’s a bit more time on this one so I should get this done! :drool:

I’m going to go for a semi-realistic Hairy Troll - maybe something along the lines of a LOTR type charcater. The fur or hair will NOT be all over the figure (think I learned enough about that making Tardy’s whiskers)

Drawings tomorrow.


I’m SURE I had posted more than this???

What’s happened to the thread???
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just saw Leonards announcement about CGTalk being hacked…

well here we go again…




Here’s the latest after I managed to grab some time before going home.

The head isn’t right yet but I better start on the hair/fur/prickles tonight.


NOW I’m going home.


another anomaly - I couldn’t (whatever I tried) create one last 5 point patch on this model. Eventually I resorted to version 10.5 and that allowed me to create the patch straight away.


couldn’t help tweaking lastnight and this morning and have modified some proportions a bit more.

Started to create the strange folds at the neck too, not totally happy with them but I’ll start on the skin treatment now.


Played with Porcelain for the first time, very cool! I’m using it on his face as there where only so many tweaks I could do.

Process - apply to group, open attribute shortcuts all the way to surface shortcut and at the bottom is a “normal-weighting” setting. In this case, 5%. I then found strange blackened patches which turned out to be inverted normals. Once I had inverted the normals the patches had a strange look about them, almost like a second skin. This was resolved by closing & re-loading the project.

All in all, very cool! Porcelain now makes AM very very sweet!


early attempt at the stone hair on this guy. Only one hair emmitter used but the image isn’t lying the way I want it to on the finger - it’s facing the camera but I want it to lie along the skin surface like flakes (or even shark scales)



hey Hooch nice progress there.

the hair emitter has a Face camera property by setting this to 0% and adjusting the thickness and bow settings of the emitter I think you can get some very acceptable scale/feather looking surfaces.

and with the ability to change thickness over the length of the hair (scale) you can make the shape very believable for whatever kind of scale you might need. Hope this helps.



did these over the weekend and had a LOT of fun with the new Materials (haven’t played with materials since version 8.5) and was truly impressed by the speed of render.
Used to press render then come back 3-4 days later while AM crunched those numbers. Turnaround on 3-4 pass multipass here was 30 minutes max…


I got this from playing with deeply nested material-nodes

and then I put all the effects I wanted into ONE photoshop file, played with layers and rubbed away to create overlay effects

Next feature request would be to have masking on materials in AM so I could get similar results in future


This is the closest I got with creating the “Stone” skin material I could. I deleted porcelain as this counteracted the effects I wanted but hey, I finally got to try porcelain out…

Final skin settings -

and a close-up of his face


close-ups of the hands…

Only problem is the overlaid effects on the tops of the arms follow that nice “square” shaped patch…

mmm… spray-on materials effects… drooooolll!


not sure why this is happening - maybe I’ll need to make decals from the material and then the hair material won’t be affected by the image map for the hair/scales or the key-colour I used…
(in this case, yellow 255 or 100% affects the surrounding patches)
but as I’m still using version 11 I may need an update?


not the best angle but I have to shut down soon so no time to

Re-loading the project after hair/normals changes has become routine. I don’t like the faint yellow outline on the scales and I think they’re too different from the skin material.

Back at workon Wednesday so I’ll post some more developments (but it does feel like I’m talking to myself…) except I don’t have version 11 running on my old Macs at home.

<looks over shoulder into darkness…>


Beautiful progress Hoochchoochoo !

This is not a one man conversation. :wink:


Originally posted by modernhorse

This is not a one man conversation. :wink:

well… how about a “one-Troll” conversation then? :stuck_out_tongue:

Have changed (simplified) the image-maps on the hair emitters as the detail was lost anyway, changed the key colour from yellow to sickly green and now there’s no leakage.

Oh yes, a tip - if you are modifying your hair in grooming mode and need to correct a mistake simply remove the offending cp’s from the emitting group, reload and then re-group them. There’s no undo button in grooming mode and this is the next best solution (I found)

Enough talking -


apologies for the file-size on the last… I have been reducing the images to 640 x 480 but I liked this one.