WIP Grumpy cat is god of the internet


Hi, i havnt posted here in a while. but I liked this guy and would like some crits. Its a quick fun concept I did while teaching my students concepting :slight_smile:


I like overall design and idea; I have feeling that cat is gazing at no specific point, IMO it would be better to focus his eyes on some of the screens ?


haha… thats a good point


Hi , interesting concept , maybe…I think the tail,by me I would
had made it a little thinner and
turn on the opposite side and maybe a
little turned into an S-shaped,just my feedback,anyway great concept.


I think you’ll have to exaggerate its paws a bit so it really looks like they are capable of clicking on the mouse buttons or type on the keyboard. Also, the paws need to move forward more so they look like they are actually operating the mouse buttons or resting on a shortcut key combo that is being used (such as the very common ctrl+w, or ctrl+c, or alt+tab, etc).

Is this setup for a human, and the cat is just occupying it for the moment? I’m asking because the screens and the seat are human height. If you want this to be the cat’s personal rig, then you’ll have to make it fit the cat’s proportions.

It would be hilarious if there’s catnip and little goldfish crackers too.


Thanks heaps for the critiques. Its funny the things that you dont see until someone else points them out. i quickly added your input this morning before work. i think its helps alot :slight_smile:


Glad you moved the tail. I would have it break over that cable a bit. Right now you have a kind of a tangent there.


The title should be goddess. Tard is a girl :wink:


Thanks. I didnt know that.


I am loving this hah, the color selection feels spot on. The monitors persepctive seems a little inconsistent with the closest one on the right being clearly square while the others seem more curved.


Looks awesome, i love the idea.

For some reason i think maybe a black background is better than a white… it will sort of give him the impression sitting in a dark office on his computer.


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