WIP - Grand Maester Room


For one of my University modules this semester, I am creating a ‘Grand Maester’ type room. The Aim is to have it fully modelled and unwrapped this semester and then next semester I will be texturing and lighting it. The room will have a potion/apothecary area at the bottom but will also contain stairs which will lead to a library section. I will be trying to document my progress each week and would appreciate any feedback during the process.

Here is my block out for the room. I originally had a circular shape for the room, but decided to go with a Decagon just just be a little bit different. As the room slowly gets made I want to ensure the room is packed with a variety of unique and quirky items that the maetser has collected throughout his life.


The concept and block modelling had been occurring for the last couple of weeks, So I have now started on the real thing. I decided to start by making the stairs and landing as they help to define the structure of the room and will help me when i need to model main cabinets.
I am a little unsure of the banister pillars at the moment, but I will continue on and consider changing when more of the assets have been made, and i begin to develop to the look and feel of the room.


I was advised to go back to my block model and try a basic light rig to help further the development of the room and help me identify the areas which will be more visible than others, Also adding basic books and jars/bottles to really help gauge the feeling of the room. I brought in the stairs and banister that I had made into the block model.


I also have been working on the ceiling structure as well. The main challenge for me with this bit was figuring out how all the wooden beams would be joined. In my block model version I was quite reckless and just had overlapping geometry, but this time I had to figure out the best and most realistic way that it would happen.


This week I’ve been working on the main assets in the room. The main challenge I’ve faced was getting the cabinets to work with the shape of the room.
A lot of the blank spaces (like side panels on the table) will be filled with some ornamental detail, although I’m unsure whether to do the sculpt and use the high poly in my scene, or do the work as a texture to help keep my poly count down at the end.
My next main focus will be figuring out the detailing and working on the door and window.


After some feedback from my lecturers, I have spent the last couple weeks re designing the room. I pushed the ground floor back, to make it larger than the upper level. Struggling to think of how to fill the extra space, I opted to have one corner where he would grow plants and the other where he would operate/see patients. However i still have some areas that i am struggling to fill, without feeling like i’m just filling space.
I also changed the style of the bookcase, making it curved, and inset one of the wall segments, to create an area where he could sit and read.

Some of the assets are still blocks/stand-ins, so now the design is basically there, its now a big push to get all the assets modelled.
Any feedback, greatly appreciated!


Had a big push on the assets over this past week or so, trying to get as much done as possible. Have one blank space of wall which i am still trying to figure out how to fill, thinking maybe a grand clock or some cool map like is often seen on GoT.

Some assets are still lacking some detail (Like picture frames) and i’m still unsure whether just to sculpt it now or leave it for texture work as my poly count is really starting to rack up now.

Just got to keep adding as much detail in places as i can and keep churning out assets.


So i decided to fill the blank space on the wall with a steam clock, which i feel works quite well.

Another big development this week was the flooring. After some advice it went and modelled the stone slabs, and managed to randomise each one with a slight height and rotation, to create a non flat flooring. I did some basic texture work on them to as i thought i was quite essential to do at this stage to get a sense of the room. I still need to tweak the displacement map as its not quite there yet.
I also have filled the plant area properly, and added some vines to the wall to create a more interesting look.

With a week to go until I need to have everything done, its now a case of finishing a couple of the assets (Adding window panes of some description) and filling the spaces where possible.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


It looks better with the recessed erea’s in the back. But i keep having a strange feel about the diagonals in the bookshelf. Can be a matter of taste
but somehow they don’t fit really with the ( is it renaissance style ? ) architecture. Viewing the bookshelf and the arches above


I also think the diagonal parts of the bookshelf really disrupt the great linear flow in the rest of the scene. You’ve got all of these great vertical lines repeating throughout your scene, then there’s the bookshelf that just feels… off. Not sure if you’re willing to change your design at this point, though. Aside from that, It’s looking great. It might be nice to see something else on the central table other than vases. I guess I don’t know what the purpose or story of your room is, but maybe there are maps and more candles, books, scrolls, eye glasses, and such strewn across the table. Keep up the good work!


Hey guys, thanks for the feedback!

I understand where you are coming from with the diagonals in the bookshelf. I did a couple variations for it, and my lecturers thought the diagonals were the best choice, as they wanted me to break up the repeating vertical lines in the room. I will give it a think, and take this to them next time i see them to discuss this further.


I think you should try to incorporate the arc like shape, similar like in the windows, to that bookcase instead of that diagonal lines. Those diagonal lines really don’t fit your overall design.
So I’d suggest to try to think of some arc designs and show your teacher. Im sure he might like it.


there are flow of “lines” if you want to be architectual. Vertical with horizontal works with the arches and ornaments on the ceiling when there is
a good transition to them.
Or, the diagonals have to have a curve too. Then it would match better. Placing them in a way so, that the flow of lines continue or intersect
the right way.


Finally back working on this after the xmas break.
This semester I will focus on the texturing, shading, lighting and rendering and hopefully will produce a cool looking cinematic at the end.

I’ve started by focusing on the bigger/main areas that need texturing first i.e. wall, floor, ceiling. Here is what i have so far. I have really struggled with the wall. Originally just using displacements maps was not giving the look i wanted so i ended up modelling the stones on the wall and randomly offsetting heights and rotations to add some realism.


I noticed that your models sometimes have sharp geometrical edges. In reality, they wouldn’t look like that. It’s good to add some chamfer/bevel so they will catch some highlights. Unless you left it for later.


Been continuing the process of texturing things this week, here are a couple renders.
There are still things im not happy with at the moment:
- Landing wood, needs to have a bit more red in the colour.
- Wall tiles are too perfect in shape at the moment, and texture work still needs some work.
- A big issue im having is textures coming out too dark in my scene, so im having to increase exposure of the diffuse, but i feel this is causing some assets to look off. Ive tested the pipeline, going from substance to arnold, and I set it up right, it is purely the light in the scene. We’ve played around with the lighting, but increasing it can cause some areas to get blown out a bit.


While that used to be standard modeling workflow, using a “roundcorners” shader is much faster and simpler, nowadays.


Yeah there are some sharp edges on things, I just keep forgetting to change them, but i shall make sure they’re done before the final render!

Some more progress on some assets.
Some shaders/textures, such as the window, carpet and parts of the clock are just temporary for now. They’re just done so i can get a bit of a feel for things.

I’m struggling a lot with the wall at the moment to try and get it looking right, so for now I’ve just put a base material on whilst i focus on other things then will come back to it soon. Still not entirely happy with how this is going, but I’ve still got lots to do and 7 weeks left, but i’m really enjoying the texturing process which is something I have struggled with in the past!


Just some more progress renders.

I’ve been playing with the lighting a lot more over the last week or so, its starting to get there, but still a lot of work to do.


Finally finished my first pass on everything. Still a lot that needs work, but these last remaining weeks will now be tweaking, refining and really trying to nail the look of this room.