WIP: Gothic/Sci-Fi Citadel (Advice and Critique Appreciated!)


Hey all,

This is a work in progress piece that is meant to be a Gothic styled citadel. It combined many elements seen in cathedrals, etc. I’m still fairly new to CG, and am not a CG artist by profession, but I’d still like to get good at CGI. Here’s what my geometry looks like so far:


I’ll be posting more pictures as well. At this point, I’ve moved into texturing and that’s what I’m working on, but I’m open to more advice.

The plan ultimately is to add in some ZBrush sculpts for statues, so that’s why there’s quite a few empty spaces still in the geometry.


Progress on texturing:


More progress from today! I’ve been working on doing texturing and UV unwrapping as I go!


And one more I forgot of texture progress update!


Some progress on my texture:


I’m continuing to work on the textures. Hopefully the resolution improvement has helped:


Some more things I’m trying out:


Another choice I’m deciding between


I feel like I’m missing something from these concrete bricks. Any ideas?


Good job so far. You could include normal map or bump map on those bricks, or you could model them. Considering that you modeled all the other details, maybe you could do the same for the bricks?


Hey, thanks for your input!

The bricks I’ve put onto the model currently are a texture I made in Substance Designer and applied using Substance Painter. They should be using a normal map already. Do you believe modeling the bricks would achieve a better effect?

I’d also love to hear some input on the texture itself.


No problem, I am not a big fan of using textures to replace real modeling. Modeling real bricks will save you lots of time. You model one and copy/paste it (instance it).

About the texture… It looks good, if you look at it from far away. For any renders that are more closeup, you can see that it doesn’t have depth. It’s just the way texture works.
If you don’t want to model bricks, you can use displacement map, but it will take a lot of polygons to get it right. In my opinion, most simple and quick way is just model one brick and copy paste it. Remember to instance it so that when you make some changes to one of the bricks, other bricks will automatically change.


Ok, so some simple questions inbound (since I’m pretty new to CG).

As I understand it, I’d model a brick, then instance it and place it by hand, and just keep on instancing, maybe instancing rows, etc.? Seems simple enough, just curious if that’s what you meant.

Also, would all that geometry slow down Maya? Just a small concern.


Yes, that is right about the instancing.

I haven’t worked in maya, but of course it will be slower with 10 million polys than with 10 thousand polys. But that’s not really a problem because you are not making a game ready model.


Alright, so here’s a quick try at this new method, no textures applied:


Looks much better in my opinion.


Some more texturing progress, with the geometry bricks!

I definitely need to randomize a bit more with the textures on the bricks. It looks too uniform I feel. I’d love to hear feedback though!


I tried to break up the uniformity a bit here:


Some more texture variation and a close up of the updated brick textures: