WIP [George Lucas] [Shazam3d]


I’m a crazy fan of Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

My model will be a tribute to its great work :buttrock:




I caught you, man! Lookin’ forward for your progress :applause: I hope you can finish this model and show “you-know-who-you-know-where” :wink:

Good luck!


¡Hi IkerCLon, I’m glad to see you here. I hope to finish too, I got some free time :cool:

My sketch (Wacom, no paper) and start to modelling:


Modeling Part II, a little update

¡Ears! My nightmare :cry:


Excellent so far. You do ears justice :). I still can’t make a decent ear. It really looks like your concept.


Thanks, Zaryin :thumbsup:

Here’s an update on some more progress.

Finish modeling and decals Part I:



Definitely want to gray him up a bit though and he usually is pretty pale. Can’t wait to see him finished.


Updating: Update: Hair, decals and some lights

Thanks for your comments, thekamps, I value your feedback.

Making the hair is very difficult for me and exigent for my laptop. :smiley:


Man oh man do you have his likeness ! Great job so far.

The hair is good. It makes me realize how much Lucas looks like Jeff Lynne from ELO. Minus the sunglasses.


ELO? :buttrock: I like the 70’s rock bands :thumbsup:

I was tweaking and decaling the ears. This is my final image:

Good luck for all the modelers :beer:


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