WIP game character animation


This is an animation that I started for a game character class. I know there isn’t much there yet but any critiques would be appreciated…



Hey! that looks really good! But… when he swings down, maybe it should be a little slower or somethingl… im not sure… looks a little wierd. Also, the swaying at the end is odd. It would be cooler if he jumped in the air slightly and arched backwards, then slashed the sword downward really fast into the ground and make his armor move alot with the movement, then have him stand up at the end. But thats IMO.



all the extremes are hitting at the same time. offset some things to losen it up.


Also you need to have some hip and chest twists with the swing, all action comes from the center of the body, so that is usually a good place to start… also it wouldn’t be that hard to go ahead and add that in real fast, and see how much more life like the animation feels…


Everything said so far has been awesome. I would add that the character is too static right now. The movement should include twists as mentioned by Skye Phelps, and a shift in weight from one foot to the other.

He’s not anticipating the move and following a logical arc of motion right now. I would also think that his hands would stay together on the sword throughout the entire motion.

You’ve got a nice start though. Keep it up!


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