WIP: Froggy


Just thought I’d share my latest WIP, as I haven’t shown anything here for a while…

Feedback welcome…


Fantastic Kretin!! I love the texturing and the eyes. Very expressive.



Great character. The only thing I don’t like about it is the lower lip. The liddle ridges seem like too much detail, if there is such a thing. The whole thing has a nice cartoon-like feel to it, and the ridges seem out of place–like everything on the frog is made out of plastic except for the lips. I don’t know if I’ve explained it very well, but it’s no biggy. Even with the lips, I like it a lot.


looks fantastic,

i think you are probably the most talented lw artist in australia. i also particularly like your aboriginal dude and the animation of lw talking packaging.

if you are free i would like to talk to you via icq. my ID number is 124303910


Looks fantastic, Kretin! Your character work always impresses me…simple, clean, and very expressive. :thumbsup: I actually like the texture on the lower lip…I think it adds a bit of personality.

btw…I’m starting to go through your cartoon eye setup tutorial for a character I’m working on now…thanks again for that, it looks like it’s going to work well for what I need to do. :beer:


It’s good!


it’s better than good, it’s great.
color balance maybe a little off, the feet are light brown and as you work your way up to the head it gets very dark. a slightly more even skin tone i think would be great, but don’t listen to me i’m an idiot :scream: .

ooo tripleg, where’s this eye setup tutorial? was a link posted to it in another thread?


I love the top right picture! That’s fantastic!!! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Thanks guys :bounce:

I’ve tried to incorporate some likeness of the voice artist for the character, who’s a black dude, thus the coloring and the lips. The lighter color towards the extremities follows the natural coloring of frogs.

Here’s a shot of the croak. Now I’ve just gotta figure out a way to tie the texture channels to the morph…

Glad you like the tute Triple G :slight_smile:

Dead_eye, you can find it here:


Fantastic! :thumbsup:

thanks for posting! I love veiwing your work.

keep posting please


great work, it reminds me of the fuzzles from Munch’s Oddysee :love:


The frog is very cool :buttrock: :beer:
Only thing: it could look a little bit more slimy.
Very nice style :thumbsup:



cute character you have there.like the textures!:drool:
how bout animation?really like to see that frog of yours move and talk…:applause: good work!


Great work, like the puffed out effect, looks kinda worried tho’ ???
has he just done a major cr@p where he shouldn’t have done ???

Top work as always :applause:


Dreamwave: Wow, that’s high praise. I’ve always loved the characters in the Abe series.

Limbus: Yeah, I initially had him more slimy, but I reduced it in favour of more cartooniness.

izmal: It’ll be a little while til I get a chance to animate him, but I can’t wait :slight_smile:

samartin: Lol :applause: Just showing more expressions, I wouldn’t read too much into it :stuck_out_tongue:

In case you’re wondering, for the croaking I tied the texures to the morph using an expression with Surface Mixer. Big thanks to Jake Carvey for helping me out on that one.


The ankle area should be thinner, then spread out into the shape of the web feet as you have them now, maybe even bigger on the webbed feet…

Eyes should be a complimentary color to the yellow to offset and give character. deep blue, slight tint of purple??

H e needs some spots in the area from his nostrils to between the eyes, just slightly darker, like freckles or what not.

Just my 2 cents worth


awesome ! love everything about it…


I don’t like the ankles either.

Needs to be skinny.

And there is a little something wrong with the hands.

Other than that, I love the little guy! Cool character.


Hey, thats cool stuff!



u always make the coolest cartoon characters . amazing as always:airguitar