WIP: Freehand LowPoly Slug Monster


Hello everyone, Happy Holidays!!!
Well I got off work and started another model, I started a freehand model, turned out to be a Slug Monster creature…:slight_smile:
Model, and UV edited took 1.5 hours, Im about to start painting the textures…I cleaned up the model and got it to 902 tris…:slight_smile: Is that good for a game engine model…For a world creature/an enemy type on most present game engine? Example Unreal Tournament 2003???
Awaiting comments, advice, and critiques!!!

Slug Monster Model
Slug Monster Model UV map ready to start painting


theres loads of empty uv-space you can use. try to optimize the uvs even more and thereby increase the resolution of the texture.


Thanks for the reply!

spm -Here is my updated UVlayout…What do you think?? This is my third time Editing UVs and texturing…So im learning every try. :slight_smile: Thats why I’ll just sit down start a shape and free model some in low polys so I can practice modeling and then texturing.
I take it this is something that comes with practice.:slight_smile:
Thanks again…Check it out…

UV layout Update…

UVlayout applied texture -prepaint


much better. there are still some stretching pixels as you can see on the teeth and up on the back part. try to get rid of those before you start painting.

also, if youre totally fresh with UVs and texturing, check out the sticky section for the game texturing thread. loads of good advice and tutorials there.


Updated UV layout
What do you think???


not much to say, it looks better. now texture it :slight_smile:


Here is an update screenshot of texturing…:slight_smile:
What does everyone think???



texture looking good so far and i love the model. suggestion: you could place some of the UV’s for the individual teeth over one another, so that you only have to paint, say, 4 or 5 teeth (with much better detail because the UV space would be larger) instead of all of em. keep it up.


Thats a great idea, but ill have to use that on the next texture :slight_smile:
I already painted all the teeth before I was able to read you reply. I like how the texture is turning out. Ive notice that with every new model/texture I do, I learn something new! I smoothed out the final model, so its a little high on tris now, around 3k when smoothed…From 902tris :slight_smile: so its a bit pumped up I guess…:slight_smile: I have little practice with smooth poly soon I will have to mess around with it, tweak it. To see what comes out of it. Thank you again for the reply, Hope you guys like the new textures!

New updated Slug creature Textures.!


More shots…



you should throw in some brown spots or something to break up the yellow. other than that, looks good.


that looks scary :slight_smile:


Here is an updated skin shot…enjoy


This will be my last update for a bit, two weeks, Im headin north for some combat support missions…
Takecare and Happy New Year!!!


Looks cool man. Though you said this is for UT2k3? How is he going to hold a gun? lol. Looks more like a RPG or Adventure char to me.


much better! thumbs up lets see another angle now


Here are more shots…
Everyone-Thanks for the replies!!! This model was alot of fun, Im very happy how it turned out…:slight_smile:

Keiyentai-Wasnt for a FPS, I just wanted to use the game engine to test models…

DreiGrasheir-I added liver spots on the wide areas of skin to break it up…What do you think?



ahh misread. My bad. None the less it’s cool


Weird creature you have here and I don’t know why I like it. But I do.


It looks like there are a number of seams in the texture painting. If you want to fix them easily I recommend using Maya’s 3D paint tool.


Good work so far. I agree about seams, but it is a WIP and I’m sure you will clean those up. I am impressed on how much detail pops out of that low poly model with your texture. Very interesting, keep posting…


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