WIP: Freads Head


It’s a head I made a while ago, but forgot about. I decided to pick it back up. What do you think? C&C welcome.



Nice start. Not sure what you’re after in terms of style, though. You have a problem area in the flow of the mesh under the mouth and cheeks — it’s not consistent with the musculature of a human face. Also a flatness over the mouth. Both of these are distracting whether your aim is realism or stylized. If you could post a wireframe you can get some more specific crits from folks.

A couple of suggestions —

This is a site Proton posted a couple of days ago. Great resource. Check the wireframe examples of heads under the DIGITAL SCULPTING link. Study the way the polys flow.

UserDelta’s tutorials on head modelling —
Found on Newtek’s site in the tutorials section (I think it’s called “Modelling a Head”, but it may be one of several by that name.) These are easy to follow and very informative.

Good anatomy references.

Keep at it. Persistence, patience and sweat. Use that formula and you’ll be creating great stuff.



One more thing, or maybe two —

Take a look here —

I forgot to mention that your pic took forever to download. You might want to fix that — it’ll get you more responses.


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