WIP: Fishy


Following on from the frogs that I recently created:
WIP: Froggy

here’s the first of the fish characters that i’m redeveloping for the series. Still some texture work to be done, but I’d love to hear your feedback…

I’ve included a pic of the voice artist so you can see how I’ve attempted to create a broad likeness.


I really enjoy your style.

Don’t be stingy, Wireframe!!! hehe



Really nice!! All your work is so well done.:thumbsup: I do see a likness of the voice actor too, good job.



I love your style as well! Maybe he could have some indication of bags under his eyes? -Just to make him look more like the voice artist? I realize that this is not key to the character, but still. I think you’ve come along way of portraying him allready! :slight_smile:

Are the scales cylindrically mapped?


Are the scales mapped or modelled? I love the look!


Great job! Your work is truely amazing!


Thanks y’all :slight_smile:

Here’s the wires:

You’re right Pixelranger. I tried bump mapping the bags under the eyes, but it looked nasty. Modelled eyebags might make him look too old, but I might give it a go just to see…

Scales are UV mapped based on an X projection.


wow, and amazingly low poly too. very efficient. :). i bet that looks good even un-subpatched.


Great stuff as always, Kretin. Very simple, efficient modeling yet very expressive. :thumbsup:


Kretin !!!

Love yer werk mate !!

caaaaaaaa’n the adelaiders !!! (u know - Bernadine … sa fm) :beer:


This is soo sweet dude… i give you a medal :applause


This has probaly been asked before but here goes:
How the hell do you create those eyelids? Bones, morphs, combination? damn! :slight_smile:


Looking good as always Kretin!!! Can’t wait to see him move!!!


So are you trying to take the big boys on, PIXAR, you certainly have a way with the cartoony modelling, would love to see some test animations/VR soon to get a feel…


Thanks again :slight_smile:

Tudor - I try where possible to use just morphs. In this case the eyes are flat enough. Where the eyes are more round I use a combination of morphs and bones, like I did for the frogs. Where I use both, I drive the bone rotation with the morphs so the control methods are the same for all the characters.

Samartin - Pixar, yeah right :stuck_out_tongue: I aspire to Pixar’s level, but I’m not quite there yet. Man, Finding Nemo doesn’t even get released here until the end of August… I’m tempted to fly to the US just to see it! But thanks for the compliment :slight_smile:

Here’s a quick VR test…

Carp QtVR

Again, drag left to play it forwards… man I’ll remember to hit that reverse rotation button one day…


The Quicktime VR looks great!!! Very impressive work on the movement… it seems very fluid and balanced.


nice job Kretin and the QTVR is really cool too.


You’re character designs are simply outstanding! Awesome work as usual! :applause:


Awesome !!


Nice character and simple geometry. I’d only recommend that you modify the geometry in order to let the gills flare out like real fish do for a greater range of expressions.