WIP: Farewell to Fangorn (characters and matte)


Hi, here i am for another project I will update little by little.
I started 2 days ago spending some hours to refine the details of the character at the left. It’s not finished, but I’m quite satisfied with it. Now I’m gonna add details for the “woman” and create a beautiful environment. I want to achieve a photorealistic look, at least for the background so I don’t think to complete the work very soon.
As always, I’d like to have critics of any kind from you :wink:
Thanks, i hope you like it :wink:

Click for the full not-cropped version


I like it. All I can say is that it’s looking good so far. The wood texture looks excellent. I’d actually like to see a larger version.


ok, now the link to the full screen version works :slight_smile:


another little update:


I’m going on with it… I refined the entwife body and added branches on her head, even if they are not completed.

Click here to view the improvements


I like it, but I got some crit on the female-ent, her skin looks a little to much like human skin, I think you should make it a touch darker to give it a more wood feel.
I also think you should move her head an neck a little to the left, IMO it looks like her neck is attached to her left shoulder.

Btw I read ‘lord of the rings’ quite a while ago and as I recall the female-ents all dissapeared, or all just went away…ah maybe that’s just what you’re showing in your picture (could be totally wrong about that info though, it has to be at least 3 years since i finished the book).

Another thing: checked out Frodo and the Nazgul, I really like how that image turned out, the way the Nazgul is searching for Frodo, makes him look a lot scarier

Keep it up


I agree, the pallette should be darker and gloomy, at least in the foreground. I still have to work on that, once I’ve refined the fields and the sky I will play with colors to create a more interesting atmosphere.
I tried to solve the neck problem and I’ve sketched the right side of the matte, you can look at the improvements by clicking HERE

thank you for answering and for appreciating the other painting. :wink:


Ok I’m adding details to the background and i think it’s getting a lot better. I’ve still some doubt about the colors, I will work on them later…


I just took a look for big closeup. Looks great!
Specially landscape on the right side of the picture. Almost photorealistic :thumbsup:
Colors in that area work perfectly.

Are you using photoref? If not thats pretty amazing :slight_smile:

About the tree people. Should they really have the joint structure of humans? Maybe they could be jointed with knarly tree parts. Not like humans in silly clothing.

Great picture in the making.


Thanks… I want the whole background to be photorealistic. i hope to have the patience to work toward this aim avoiding to stop before.
However the more I go on painting the matte, the more I get disappointed about the two characters. I’m almost thinking to rip them off and change the subject of the picture. Or maybe I’ll adjust them to fit the rest of the image.
I will decide when the background will be completed.
I’ve used references for the wood of the characters and for the river, just to get an accurate idea of colors and shapes. The whole picture is painted by hand, it’s moreover an exercise for myself ad I don’t want to manipulate photos or paint over them.



uhm… no one replies? It means that it’s perfect, then! :wise::slight_smile:
I’ve got to ask one thing… i don’t know for sure what exactly is a matte painting. Does it involve photographs or it usually is a totally hand painted picture?
Any explanation would be very appreciated :smiley:


About MATTE paintings. I dont know exactly the right term to go with it, but i have the impression a matte work is usually a backdrop used for movies. Having parts of real photograph integrated with your own artwork… Drawing new elements and keeping the original and repainting and stuff like that.


Hi Elessar,
It can be both or a combination of both.
Head to the Daily Sketch Forum (link in my sig below), you can practice you mattpainting skills there and learn more about it.
Nice painting btw.


I’ve been quite busy these days… I’m refining the left side and the sky. Please, tell me what do you think about the update! :wink:


It is beautiful, great work! You should leave the characters- the compsition stays very good with them. I think there should be something dark in the down left corner, but I guess you’ll make a shadow there…

Edit: typos


thank you, I think that maybe the characters need just a few improvements (I’d like to make them more complex and intricated).
I’m worried that the woods at the left are too dark and break the balance of the picture, but as you say i can put some dark think at the bottom of the right side. I will think about that… however everything will be changed in the environment near the observer, so the final picture won’t be too similar to this one. Other suggestions?

This is another update, the far off distances now are almost completed :wink:


too exams in this period… but the night is still free, sometimes!
These are the new things added:

  • all the ground and the trees near the POV (but the left one and the attachment with treebeard’s arm are still unmaid).
    -various refinements here and there.

click to vie hires

I don’t like the integration between the ground near the camera and the background… they are not blended toghether… I will work on intermediate fields andf grass to improve continuity.
Is this just a problem of mine or do you think it works good? Other suggestions?


:eek: i rly want to learn how to paint like this :eek:
great work! :applause:

Gob bless you all


Oh wow, when you are done with that, you reallly have to post a full resolution image. Or download. I need to have that print.


i’m working on a 4500x2000 but i prefer to resize it 'cause details are better merged together.
I think to post a final 2000x9000 even if it’s much more satisfying to let the others view every brush stroke :slight_smile:

Anyway… thank you a lot!!!