WIP - Exterior Project for University


Hi everyone!

This year I’ve got a few projects on the go for my university course. This project here is one part of a set of two projects, where we need to model, texture and light both an exterior and interior scene to a photorealistic standard.

Feedback would be greatly appreciated as I post updates, as I really want my work to be the best it can.

I’m loosely basing my exterior on some concept art from Assasin Creed, which you can see below.


Okay, I’ve not done too much modelling yet, but this is what I’ve been doing today.

I’m planning on getting the bulk of the buildings modelled before I add details such as signs, props, and the roads etc.


Starting to work on the back buildings, and I should soon have the panelling complete for all the shops.

Taking my time on this project, as it’s primarily a texturing and shading unit, so I’ve been working on the UV’s as I go along ready for when uni starts.


I like the start of it. You are consistant in your presentation. thats a good thing


Thanks, Samuel!

Pretty much done with the roofing on the back building, so now it’s just the windows and panelling which need to get completed.

Some UV mapping…


Okay, for the time being, I’m calling the back building/shops done.

Tomorrow I’m planning to work on the church in the foreground, which should be a bit of fun!

I’m planning on making it all a tad more uneven to give the building more of a handmade look, however, for now, I’m going to leave it for a while…

Any constructive criticisms of this project so far would be much appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Really talented work!


Okay, I’ve decided to change the camera angle so that I can focus on the small details instead of more buildings such as the church.

I think this works well, any feedback would be great.

Here are my wireframes so far, I want to be a hard surface modeller in the film VFX industry so any constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve not done too much this update. The module starts Monday so I will have the majority of the small props and set dressing done soon so that I can start texturing from then on.


  • Ground Plane
  • Lamppost has been created
  • All pavements have been added

To be done:
- Barrels
- Tables
- Rubbish Piles
- Wooden construction on back building

  • Window shutters
  • Building chimneys
  • Signage on the shops


I changed this part of the module from an exterior to a studio.

Please see new thread.

I may get round to finishing this someday…