WIP - EVA03 from Neon Genesis Evangelion (first humanoid char)


I am currently working on the eva03 from the japanese anime series called Neon Genesis Evangelion which I am sure some of you will be familiar with.

I am using a bandai metal figure as a reference so this version of eva03 looks slightly different.

Newest Render (go to last page for newest update):


Ok, so I guess its too early stage for any comments.
I will keep working.


You’re right it’s too early for crits, but the modeling looks good so far. It looks to me very cybernetic ;). I guess I’ll have to wait for more updates to see the idea better, but as I said looks good. Keep it up.


I started modeling the foot today and this is about halfway.
I am modeling according to my reference model so it looks more or less exactly like it.


Another shot:


It looks so good, but the foot you’re modelling seems (at least it seems to me) too much an “action figure” foot (I like NGE too, but I don’t remember now how are the Eva’s feet), perhaps if you want to give a “photo realistic look” to the model you should not to take too many referentes from your metal model (references from the articulations, I mean)


Hey thanks :slight_smile:
Actually the eva’s feet do look like “mecha sneakers” but since they normally deform, there is no need to model it like I did.
But I am going to try to make an exact replica of my model because I need the experience of modeling “what I see”.
Maybe later I will make a version thats true to the “real” eva03.
I will post a pic of my reference later with the finished version of the foot.
I hope you will keep an eye out for my updates.



I understand… When I was modelling the Veritech VF-1S (see my signature) I bought a sacle model to understand how this “thing” works when it transforms.

By the way, that Veritech toy costs to me 100€… :cry: (about 110$)

Well, I didn’t see any 3D models of toys, perhaps it will be more original at all…


Small render of the foot, next time I will post the finished foot, promise…


I only paid 40 euro for my model so thats not too bad.
Anyways figures and models etc are easy to find here and cheap as well.
I am thinking about modeling another figure I bought later. Its more traditional mecha style.


nice start got any more images?


I am taking a break from it but I will start working again tomorrow, so I hope to have a finished foot with foot guard ready tomorrow.
Then I will make the final touches to the legs and post them together with the feet.
Still got the arms, hands, main body, head, weapons, stand left.
I will try to work a little harder to get it finished early next month.


:cool: ill be keeping an eye on this one!!!


ditto, i subscribed as soon as i saw “EVA03”:thumbsup: cant wait for some weapons :slight_smile:


It will come,
I have just been very very tired today.
But I will start right now.


Nice work, what can i say you seem to learn very fast.
I’d like to see that first leg and the foot in WF with your name inside it, with shades and light!
Like i did with my robot WF you wanted to see.
Well keep it up.


I am not sure what “WF” is?


i think he means wireframe. Hey how about doing a rough/low poly first. Might help to tackle proportion problems.


Actually I did that and the proportions are true to the figure I use for reference. But I was playing around with it to see if I should follow a different reference that had more detailed muscle definitions but decidet that I would have to change the intire feel of the leg to make it look right, so I decidet to stick to the original plan.
I might have a go on another eva later but this is more like a “sculpt what you see” project.
A bit like a life drawing lesson.

Btw I am working on the head guard “wing” now. It was fairly complex because I needed to recreate the exact surface of my plastic wing which was not as easy as it might seem.
I will post a render later.
Next I will start working on the arm and after that I will post a render of the parts I finished so far.

(I noted that my figure is actually harder to imitate than the “real” eva (in some way) since I am trying to make it look as close to the figure as possible including small iregularities on the surface etc.)


Here is an update.
I finished the head guards and the legs as well as the foot are almost finished (only minor tweaking left). I also have to finish the foot guard.
Hope you like it so far. :bounce:

NOTE: The update can be found on the first page at the top.