WIP Europan landscape. I think I'm having perspective problems!


This is the first posting I’ve made of my own work. Granted I’ve been drawing for some time now, this is this first almost full sketch that I’ve wanted to try in Painter after I have the initial sketch done. Before I continue with anything else though (and that includes the poll the astronaut is holding), I can’t help but think that something is off about this picture. Now, I’ve been having problems getting the astronaut to look right so I had to resolve this on on a different piece of paper entirely and then combining him and the landscape in Photoshop. I’m thinking that this is causing some perspective issues and I’m having problems resolving it. Could anyone give me some insight?


To my mind, you need to either look more down on the figure, or more directly across the landscape.

Really nice linework and detail, although maybe the feet are a bit small.

Are you going to paint it?


I’d definitely love to give it a try. It’ll be my first attempt on Painter so I’m excited. My next post will be with some corrections.


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