[WIP] Dumpster Crush for University


This is another Uni module, and for this project, we got to design the brief.

To produce a 25 to 30 second video, where I will integrate CG elements into a live action plate to a realistic standard.

Okay, so the idea I had was to make a short video about a guy with telekinesis powers showing off to his friend by crushing a dumpster with his mind. Although the idea is simple it will allow me to expand my skills and give me the time to get the final project to an industry standard (hopefully).

This is where I am up to at the moment with the dumpster asset. I’m moving into the animation stage of the project, however, I am happy to get feedback on what I have already done such as the textures.

The matchmove was done in 3DEqualizer:

Feedback appreciated :slight_smile:


Just a quick update… I’ve just started with the dumpster crushing animations, however, they’re nowhere near ready to be shown yet.

Below is a render test, where I am trying to integrate the dumpster into the scene. To my eye, it looks okay, although, if something looks off please let me know.


Hand in is next week, so here’s a progress post for this project.


The aim was to integrate CG elements into a live action plate to a realistic standard. I’ve had quite a few problems to get through, and the animation side of things has been a massive learning curve (still a long way to go), however, overall I feel this project has gone quite well.

I decided to build a really simple story around the project to make it a little more interesting to watch, appose to just some composited 3D stuff.

Things to still be done:

  • Colour Grading need more work
  • Sound needs work
  • Tweak the composite in the first shot for better shadows.


[b]Final Version