WIP dubko productions


This is my portfolio / company site. I’d appreciate feedback on the overall feel, and usability, or anything you might find that needs improvement.

I still have quite a bit of tweaking to do before this is complete; sounds, the preloader needs to be modified to more suitably fit the brand, etc.

any input is appreciated.



Hi monkeyfresh,
Alright. The moving cursor got my attention.
Pleasent animation, except in the contact page.:slight_smile: funny. Are those mushrooms?
I really like the ability to sort your portfolio.
IMHO, the type is small, when I switched to 800x600, or “right click, zoom in” it was alright.
It’s fairly quick loading on my dialup, but the animation seems maybe a little slow: the portfolio page takes ~17 seconds for all the elements to appear so you can start browsing.
The overall feel is nice, well made.


i am at 1024x768 and have no trouble with the size of the text. i really enjoyed your site, nice and clean. the only thing that bothers me is the portfolio section. it would be nice to see a preview of the work. besides that, i love it. i especially like the added animations with the shrooms sleeping when the user is not doing anything. nice work.


Thanks a lot for the comments. Your input is thoroughly appreciated.

JamesAmI, The fonts will be changed in the portfolio section, but I feel that everywhere else, the fonts are legible. Thanks for noticing the extra features I included like the portfolio sorting options and the animations on each section. A lot of people seem to just open it and skip through too quickly to notice, so I’ve made the animations kick in a bit sooner. I also shortened each sections timeline a bit, but I’m afraid that for slower processors, there’s not much I can do to speed things up. Out of curiosity, what are your machine specs like?

teagan, I’ve gotten this comment quite a bit, but there is a reason behind this. The goal of this site is to attract new clients who are interested in creating projects at the same level of quality and creativity as my site. Many of my portfolio projects don’t fit this mold, so I wanted them to take a back seat to the site design. The intention is to switch gears from doing “run of the mill” projects to pay the bills, to more high quality, high budget work.

Thanks very much for taking the time to reply.

cheers :beer:


no problem.
2000+ amd, 512 ram, linux. Is the duration of the animation efected by computer speed, or just frame rate?
I guess what I mean by faster is maybe the meat of the page showing up first, or one of the first. -for people that want the facts quick.
take care


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