WIP: Cuckoo


Here’s an older image of the project I’m currently working on. I haven’t anything remarkably new to post, but in the spirit of WIP posting… this is the moment the mother first see’s the cuckoo hatching out.



I’m looking forward to seeing more of this, too! :bounce:

For this scene, I’d love to see some out-of-focus, fluttering leaf shadows over the characters. That would really pull it outdoors. Is that too much to ask? :smiley:

Smashing nest.


Carl Raillard


Looks great shaun, keep us up to speed on this!
Mike Fitz


It’s an oldie, but a good’en all the same. The lighting looks a little too ‘studio’ like, is that deliberate Shaun?


Hey Carl, Stephen, Mike, thanks for the comments,

With regards to the lighting, I have to admit, its just more or less a three point lighting setup I just briefly fiddled with. Its by no means the final lighting. I’ve played around with leaf shadows etc since, and it greatly improves the image.

Thanks for the comments. As soon as I have anything more substantial, I’ll post it.

And BTW, Stephen, I REALLY like your style of animation. Its very crisp and expressive, and its given me something to aim at. I’m looking forward to more little tasty clips like the last one!


Great modelling, wonderful contrast of colour and texture.
That young Cukoo seems to have a mischievous look in his eye. I bet he is going to keep momma really busy :wink:

Gord MacDonald


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